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Be a Student Success

A group of CNM faculty members decided to figure out what made a student an "A" student. This is what they found.

"A" Students:

~ Turn in all work, including when absent. These students did not skip more than one daily assignment and turned in rough drafts for every paper.

Ask yourself, Do you want to be an "A" student? Here's a start:

  • Identify which of these behaviors you're not currently exhibiting and think about how you can adapt.
  • If you have trouble staying focused in class, sit closer to the board.
  • If you do not understand everything you're reading, start your assignments earlier in order to allow time to re-read and ask questions.

~ Attend class. On average, "A" students do not miss more than two classes a semester. Most miss none.

~ Read thoroughly and repeatedly. To get an "A," you'll need to use the assigned questions as a guide for deeper engagement with the text, not as a chore to get through.

~ Look up answers to their questions. "A" students are intellectually curious and see assignments as opportunities to know more about a subject.

~ Talk with instructors during office hours. Last semester, 80% of "A" students met with the instructor at some point out of class, vs. about 15% of non-"A" students.

~ Are always prepared. They are familiar and comfortable with the course syllabus. They preview course material before the instructor goes over it in class. When they have a question, they ask the instructor and other students. They never come to class and say, "Yeah, I didn't understand so I didn't do it."

~ Focus in class. None of these students was ever asked to stop talking or texting. They take notes and ask questions.

~ Are responsible for their own work; they take ownership of their actions and are independent adults.

~ Are self motivated. They want do well for their own satisfaction.

~ Use all available resources to succeed such as tutoring services, study groups, supplemental review materials and Achievement Coaches. They seek help sooner than later.

Earning the grade you want is a challenge, so set your goals accordingly.