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Course Numbering at CNM

CNM offers credit courses in preparatory/developmental, career technical, and general education subjects.

Preparatory/Developmental Courses:
Courses numbered 0999 and below.

Career Technical Courses:
Courses numbered 1001 and higher not listed as general education courses.

General Education Electives:
Courses numbered 1001 and higher with the following subject codes: AAST, AFST,ANTH, ARBC, ARTH, ARTS, ASTR, BIO, CHEM, CHMS, COMM, CST, ECON, ENG, EPS, FREN, GEOG, GER, GNED, GNHN, HIST, HUM, JOUR, MATH, MUS, NATV, NUTR, PHIL, PHYS, PORT, PSCI, PSY, RLGN, SOC, SPAN, THEA and WMST