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101 Reasons to Meet with an Academic Coach

Taken from Academic Advisement student surveys, November 2012 to May 2013.
  1. This was such a great experience. It opened new doors for me. This Advisor knew her stuff and helped me see how close I was to starting the rest of my education/degree.
  2. Amazing experience! Advisor changed my visions of the future.
  3. She was very informative. I came in with no clue and left with goals and a plan.
  4. My Academic Advisor has been a wonderful driving force behind my success here at CNM. She was very patient, answered all my questions and gave me good advice.
  5. Graduating and going to UNM, my Advisor has helped me with my goals and was very knowledgeable in getting me to graduation.
  6. My Advisor has been a great support and problem-solver. I really, really appreciate all he's done to help with my studies at CNM.
  7. My Advisor is very sweet and helpful today. She is very caring about students and helped me stay on the right path to graduating.
  8. He gave me great information and resources to get the correct classes to transfer to UNM.
  9. I received great care and was given great direction for my next steps in the application process.
  10. My Advisor is AWESOME! He really cares about the students.
  11. He was so helpful, so was the staff. The staff was so kind.
  12. He was very helpful and was able to tell me about a couple of options that I didn't think of when I came in.
  13. I am 55 yrs. old. I was very nervous about starting the process of attending school. Everyone has made me comfortable and ready to go!!:)
  14. You guys are awesome.
  15. He was very helpful! He gave me all the information I needed to pursue my education.
  16. Without Advisors like him I would be lost. It's nice to know someone actually cares about their students.
  17. She was so helpful, very knowledgeable about all CNM & UNM requirements. Very personable and considerate of my needs
  18. Glad I came in. Now I have a better plan for completion.
  19. Was extremely helpful. We did an evaluation of my class and made life so much easier. She was Awesome!
  20. He was very professional and knowledgeable. I feel confident about my goals as a student and have a new vision for my degree.
  21. She helps me to feel sure of my decision. She provides ample information and is really there to help me.
  22. She quickly became my friend. She is also very thorough and makes sure to check her information.
  23. He was very helpful and made it easy for me to understand what I have done and what I need to do.
  24. He was very helpful and really helped to put me at ease.
  25. Great Advisor! Set me straight on my tracks to higher education.
  26. He made it much easier to understand. Provided encouragement!!
  27. He is so professional and encouraging! I will tell everyone how helpful he is! Thank you!
  28. Very helpful, nice and not judgmental. Helped a lot with all my questions.
  29. He was even more helpful then I'd anticipated. Good to know that my study plan was on track. Thanks!!!
  30. Very helpful and positive and seemed genuinely concerned with my success.
  31. My Advisor was extremely helpful. He was very efficient and kind and made the process of returning to CNM a great experience.
  32. He took the time to go through my transfer credits one by one and plugged them into several areas of study to ensure I got the best use of my past classes toward a degree program.
  33. My Advisor helped me very well. Answered my questions and showed me what I needed to do step by step.
  34. He was very helpful and informative in helping me set my goals.
  35. Think I like coming to Academic Advisement. Keep up the good work.
  36. He is wonderful in helping me. It's wonderful how he works with me.
  37. One word: Awesome!
  38. I received all the information and motivation I needed.
  39. He gave me lots of suggestions and encouragement even if the class was full.
  40. He was more than helpful; he solved all my academic issues. Thank you so much!
  41. He was very knowledgeable and helpful in discussing course and career plans.
  42. Very helpful in letting me know what I needed to do to get started with CNM and what I needed to do to transfer credits.
  43. Very helpful, knowledgeable, proficient and encouraging! Great asset to CNM!
  44. She makes my school plan look easy. I understand the course of action I need to be successful! Thank you!
  45. She was so helpful, very knowledgeable about all CNM & UNM requirements. Very personable & considerate of my needs. Overall amazing person!
  46. Very friendly, very helpful. Glad I came!
  47. She is great Advisor answered all my questions, she knew how to do her job, glad to have her as an Advisor.
  48. She's a natural. Keep up the good work!
  49. Amazing, excited to be a student @ CNM.
  50. He is good and opened my eyes to a lot of stuff I missed.
  51. I ask for him because he is super knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. He is terrific!
  52. Fast, easy to talk to and good vibes!
  53. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Can't wait to get back into classes!
  54. Extremely helpful and respectful. Made my day easier. I'm extremely glad about the help and guidance I received.
  55. Very good attitudes and approachable. Answered all of my questions thoroughly and was very helpful.
  56. I am a new student and she makes me feel at ease with the process. I feel no stress now 
  57. He was extremely friendly and made me feel completely comfortable.
  58. Good rapport with me. Very helpful indeed.
  59. Very knowledgeable. Felt very prepared to start the semester.
  60. He was incredibly friendly, welcoming and helpful! I had a ton of questions and a ton of stress about the Nursing program and the new requirements as of 2014. He answered all of my questions and put me at ease with my academic future.
  61. Very approachable and good source of info. Time well spent. Thanks.
  62. My Academic Advisor CARES about my success
  63. She was amazing! I am returning after many years and not only did she make me feel welcome, but gave me hope and inspiration for my future. Thank you!!
  64. Very easy to talk to. Answered all my questions. Great Advisor.
  65. She is a positive, wonderful Advisor. I feel confident in my future career goals after speaking with her.
  66. She was very nice, approachable and guided me in the right direction.
  67. She was absolutely wonderful! I would recommend her to everyone. Thank you.
  68. As a transfer student, I am so thankful for the way my Advisor helped me. She was knowledgeable and very kind. Great experience.
  69. Very professional Advisor. A wealth of knowledge!!
  70. She was so helpful, very knowledgeable, and very friendly.
  71. She is what I expect an Academic Advisor to be - someone who can guide you academically as if she were a close friend, or parent. I love her! :)
  72. She was very helpful and had answers to everything! I really appreciated the help as well as being treated kindly :)
  73. Great session, great help defining an educational plan that perfectly fit my goals. Thank you very much.
  74. She is a very good Advisor, and my thanks to her for helping me these last 2 years. Thank you. :)
  75. Nice person to communicate to about my college course plans. Offered advice and was very helpful in explaining my course curriculum.
  76. She was hugely helpful, had great sense of humor. Helps guide me to achieve my long term goals.
  77. I appreciate the time to view my choices on courses. And making it easier for me to graduate this year.
  78. He is the best! If he ever leaves, I will be sad! He cares so much about the students and wants to see them succeed!
  79. She was very great! Very intelligent, helpful and positive. Over all great experience. Thanks!
  80. I got great advice from her. I left with a better idea of what I am shooting for. Very helpful.
  81. She was great! Very helpful, patient and informative! I had a wonderful experience. Thank you.
  82. Information provided was accurate and helpful. Extremely nice & knows how to be approachable.
  83. She was very concerned about my drive towards my career path. Thank You!
  84. She's the best! Always goes out of her way to help me (disabled vet)
  85. She is very caring and I felt she was concerned and more importantly, interested in my future as a student at CNM
  86. I really enjoy seeing my Advisor. She is friendly and encouraging.
  87. She was extremely helpful and made me feel like I can do everything I wanted to.
  88. I love her! I met her about two years ago. I will see no other adviser but her. She's knowledgeable, patient, and thorough.
  89. My Advisor truly cares & takes the time to set me up for success.
  90. My Advisor was far more knowledgeable and helpful than I anticipated. This was a very positive and valuable use of my time.
  91. I was really frustrated with my schedule. My Advisor was patient and reassuring and able to show me options and helped me out.
  92. She was very helpful and had nothing but respect toward me as a person and I thank her for that.
  93. My Advisor was very helpful. She treated me with a lot of respect am glad to have gotten her.
  94. Put my worries at ease and led me exactly where I need to go. Awesome!
  95. She is beyond professional and helpful. I feel inspired and motivated. I am now educated on finding my education path.
  96. She was awesome and really helpful in planning my future and my classes.
  97. My Advisor was so helpful and made me understand what I was doing wrong. Thanks for having her here.
  98. Very sweet & helpful and offered to help me with everything, definitely one of the most caring Advisers I've seen.
  99. His help will go a long way in making my life more successful than ever before.
  100. She answered all my questions and provided me with all sorts of information that could help me through school. I'm very pleased to have spoken to her about my concerns.
  101. My Academic Advisor was very nice and extremely helpful. He knew a lot about the requirements for my program and explained things to me clearly.