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Melanie Magdalena


Melanie Magdalena - Multimedia Specialist



Melanie is currently the Distance Learning Multimedia Specialist. 

She is a technoarchaeologist: an anthropologist specialized in archaeology, technology, and creative design. As a creative designer, she strives to bring educative materials to people of all ages through multimedia applications such as websites, graphics, videos, and other interactive media via technology systems. 

She has visited archaeological sites in the Americas and Spain and has conducted fieldwork in New Mexico, Texas, and Belize. All this combined has inspired her to be an archaeologist, but her journey has only just begun as founder, Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director of Origins Scientific Research Society, where she continues her research, interviews and other articles for you to enjoy. Her passions lie in archaeological journalism and creative design.

Her most recent project is her journal Origins – a free magazine about archaeology, ancient history, culture, and science – currently with over 4.4 million readers. Not only is it among the first of its kind, but it is interactive, open access, and free to read and/or download online. You can read the latest and past issues at