Remote Work Plan for Faculty and Staff

Remote Work Plan for faculty and staff during the COVID-19 outbreak. Includes questions and answers on working remotely and our Remote Work Plan and Agreement.

Remote Work Arrangement

The Remote Work Plan and Agreement Form, for supervisors and employees, is located here.

Working remotely is a work arrangement in which some or all of the work is performed from home or another off-site location. In general, regularly scheduled hours are worked and any schedule changes will require supervisor approval.

When clearly outlined and executed, remote work plans can prove beneficial to employees and supervisors. Supervisors should clearly articulate procedures for check-in times and hours of availability. Well-planned work arrangements should mitigate communications problems.

Below, you will find guidance for supervisors, employees, and departments to help set up temporary work arrangements.

Document the Remote Work Arrangement

The goal of a remote work plan and agreement is to ensure that both the employee and supervisor have a shared understanding of the remote work arrangement. Supervisors must approve a remote work plan for individual employees and communicate such arrangements with Human Resources and, if necessary, Information Technology Services (ITS).

Supervisors should maintain a copy of the agreement in departmental records and should send a copy to Human Resources at The contents of the agreement should include: 

  • A work schedule that specifies remote work days, location, and hours
  • Required methods of communication specific to remote work (e.g. Skype, phone)
  • The duration of the remote work arrangement
  • Responsibility for remote work equipment
  • Any circumstances requiring on-site attendance
  • Relevant policy acknowledgments of responsibility

College Property and Data Security

Reasonable steps must be taken to ensure that College property is used in compliance with IS-1002 Information Technology Use Administrative Directive. This includes complying with all software licensing agreements. The security and confidentiality of College records must also be maintained. Sensitive data should not be placed on a personal computer or device, but instead should be accessed via secure remote access technology.

Equipment Insurance

College equipment and resources located at an alternate worksite are not automatically insured. Remote work employees may be required to sign a form acknowledging financial responsibility for College equipment damaged, stolen, or destroyed while in their possession. Remote work employees are required to immediately report any damage to College equipment to their immediate supervisor.

Public Records Disclosure

The work employees do while remote work is subject to College and other applicable regulations including the State of New Mexico’s Inspection of Public Records Act (NMSA 1978, Section 14-2-1 et seq.). 

Overtime Eligible Employees

In general, overtime is not permitted for overtime-eligible remote work employees. CNM policy for overtime authorization remains in effect.

Workers’ Compensation

Remote work employees are covered by workers’ compensation for job-related injuries that occur in the course and scope of employment.

Tax Implications

Employees are responsible for addressing and resolving any questions about their ability to deduct expenses related to remote work.