Frequently asked questions and answers about CNM's transition from Blackboard to Brightspace. These answers are updated regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of the new Learning Management System (LMS)?

The new LMS is called Brightspace. It was created by the company D2L. The specific package that CNM purchased is called Brightspace Core. 

When will the new LMS go live?

The first courses to be taught in Brightspace will be Dec. 2020—Jan. 2021 Intersession courses. In January 2021 all online, hybrid, and web-enhanced CNM courses will use Brightspace. 

How do I access Brightspace at CNM?

The URL for the new LMS is

Please note that the new LMS is not going live until Spring 2021. Faculty members can gain access by  emailing to request access. 

Is there an app for Brightspace?

Yes. There are several apps. Find out more at the Brightspace Apps site.

In general, the Brightspace website is better suited to mobile web browsers. Much of the site’s functionality is available without an app.

When will I have access to Brightspace?

See the Timeline for information about when different groups will have access to Brightspace.

When will the training occur?

See the Timeline for information about when training for different groups will begin.

After training, what type of support will be available if I need help using Brightspace?

Each school will have peer coaches and subject matter experts available to provide hands-on help. Distance Learning Staff will be available to provide support. Faculty can also search for information and  resources in the Brightspace Community.

Will there be an orientation or JumpStart module for faculty and students?

Yes, there will be a  Brightspace JumpStart course for both faculty and students. Please email to inquire about access to the Brightspace JumpStart. 

When will TLOL courses switch to Brightspace?

TLOL courses will be offered through Brightspace starting in  Fall 2020. 

Who will copy courses from Blackboard to Brightspace?

The Distance Learning Staff will copy Blackboard courses into Brightspace. Please see the Brightspace Course Copy and Transition Request Form. Faculty can also choose to export content from Blackboard and import it into their Brightspace shells. 

DL Consensus and Template courses will be migrated by DL and/or redeveloped by individual departments, then copied into appropriate course shells. 

How much will faculty need to modify a course after it has been copied from Blackboard?

DL Consensus and Template courses will be provided to faculty as they are now. Faculty who teach DL Individual courses will need to adjust the courses after they are migrated.

Course content transfers well from Blackboard to Brightspace. DL and ITS are currently building and testing the Course Migration tool and making adjustments as needed to ensure the best outcomes.

After a course is copied, instructors will need to check that links, assessments, and other learning resources work. Instructors will need to recreate their grade book and link any third-party content into Brightspace.

There will be a detailed checklist for instructors that will help them make sure the course is ready for students.

What will happen to publisher and other third-party content?

The transition to Brightspace will not affect third-party content. Instructors will need to link the third-party content to Brightspace. Training in Fall 2020 will address these questions. 

Do test pools and assessments copy from Blackboard to Brightspace?

Yes. Test pools and assessments copy well, but faculty will need to check and modify settings to ensure they function as before. Training in Summer and Fall 2020 will address these issues.

Can I continue to use Collaborate Ultra in Brightspace?
Likely not. The L MS Core Team and representative faculty are evaluating the use of Zoom or YuJa as web-conferencing tools for use in Brightspace.
What will happen to old courses that are currently in Blackboard? 

Because of the number of courses DL staff need to copy before the transition, they will only be able to copy content for courses that you’ll be teaching in spring 2021. If you will not be teaching a course in spring 2021, you must personally export  and archive the Blackboard content for that course by the end of December 2020.

Export the content from a Blackboard course by clicking “Export/Archive Course” under “Packages and Utilities”. Save these zip files in a secure location. You will be able to import that content into a future Brightspace course or request that DL import it for you through a course-copy request.

What will happen to the documents and information currently housed in Blackboard Community Sites? Can we move those to Brightspace?

Brightspace does not have a feature like Blackboard Community, but faculty groups can develop Brightspace course shells into a similar repository for curriculum materials.

Alternatively, groups may choose to migrate their Community content into Sharepoint. Departments will need to move any materials housed in Blackboard by the end of December 2020.

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