Section X, Promotions / Campaigns / Contests

10.01 Advertising, Distribution and Solicitation

The Governing Board believes it is in the best interest of the College to have in place a policy that addresses requests for advertising, distribution and solicitation involving the use of CNM property, personnel and/or students. The Governing Board, therefore, directs administration to have in effect a Policy on Advertising, Distribution and Solicitation, and further directs administration that such policy shall be published in the Employee Handbook.

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10.02 Political Activities

The Governing Board directs administration to have in effect a policy governing political activities and to publish such policy in the Employee Handbook.

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10.03 Campaigns or Activities for Raising Money

College employees and students shall not be required on, in, or about College property to participate in any organized campaign to raise funds for any purpose, nor may instructors permit such campaigns or drives within their classrooms.

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10.04 Contests and Awarding of Prizes

Contests and activities which are sponsored by outside agencies and which may involve participation by students or employees or granting of awards or prizes to students or employees may be announced or permitted in the College with prior approval of the President.

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