Section VII, Instruction

7.01 Instructional Programs

All instructional programs offered by CNM shall be designed to assist the College in meeting its mission, vision, values and goal statements.

A. The Governing Board shall annually consider all instructional offerings of the College and based on relevant data presented by administration shall approve offerings for the next academic year.
B. The Governing Board shall approve all new associate degrees and certificates and other such instructional offerings as it deems appropriate with reference to the mission, vision, values and goal statements of the College.
C. In determining approval of new or current programs, the Board shall consider the following criteria as appropriate: community impact; interest and support; job availability within the district as well as national, state and local employment trends; potential starting salary; budget implications; equipment, facility and supply needs; and potential impact on other educational offerings of the College.
D. The procedure for proposing to the Governing Board addition of a new program shall be as follows:

1. A comprehensive needs assessment shall be conducted by the appropriate instructional department with the cooperation and assistance of the program advisory committee.
2. A proposed curriculum shall be designed with the assistance of the program advisory committee to assure graduates will have the needed skills and competencies.
3. The criteria listed in B. and C. above shall be addressed in the proposal.
4. The proposal shall be forwarded to the Planning Committee of the Governing Board, which shall review the information and make a recommendation relative thereto for consideration by the full Governing Board.

E. The President shall, upon request of the Board and at his own discretion, submit evaluation reports of various aspects of the instructional programs and make recommendations for continuation, elimination or modification.

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7.02 Distance Learning

The Governing Board supports providing distance learning opportunities that will respond to the increasing educational and training needs of the citizens it serves. The Board shall adopt a policy governing distance learning efforts, such policy to be on file in the President's Office.

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7.03 Instructional Support and Auxiliary Services

Special services in the areas of general curriculum development, library services, audiovisual aids, job placement, health services, and in such other areas as the Board may deem advisable, shall be made available for the improvement of the instructional programs.

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7.04 Articulation

It shall be the policy of the Board to support and promote articulation whenever possible as a means of facilitating student achievement of educational goals.

A. Postsecondary Level.

  1. To promote the continuous, efficient, forward progress of students through the educational system of New Mexico, the Governing Board endorses practices and matrices which facilitate the intrastate plan for transfer of credit and articulation.
  2. To further enhance articulation among all state-supported institutions in New Mexico, the Governing Board adopts the principle of treating transfer students as native students in the application of credit toward certificate or degree requirements.

B. Secondary Level.

  1. The administration shall effect articulation agreements with public school districts as appropriate within the guidelines of the College mission.

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7.05 Concurrent Enrollment / Dual Credit

In general, College programs shall be offered at the postsecondary level. The College may make courses available to high school students for dual CNM and high school credit through concurrent enrollment agreements with individual high schools.

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