Community Success

Courtyard at CNMObjectives by 2020

  • Contribute to strengthening the economy of central New Mexico by supporting 100 new businesses (“new” is defined as less than three years old) annually by 2020.
  • Ensure that 100% of graduates have participated in a relevant work experience.
  • Partner with business and industry to provide support and workforce training to keep or create 200 jobs in New Mexico in the first year and 1,000 jobs in New Mexico by 2020.
  • Improve property values within ¼ mile of our campuses that results in a 50% increase above the overall metro area’s increase.


  1. Develop a Student Work Experience Program so that 100% of graduates have a work experience prior to graduation.
  2. Create a Comprehensive Online College to include 10 complete degree or certificate programs.
  3. Expand Fast-Track Degree offerings to include three programs.
  4. Implement Competency-Based Education model to be utilized by 30% of our students.
  5. Expand College & Career High School to serve 400 students.
  6. Develop Global Learning Initiative to serve at least 5,000 students annually.
  7. Expand non-credit offerings through Bootcamps and Academies to serve at least 1,000 students annually.
  8. Expand Business Support Through Ignite Business Accelerator and Small Business Development Centers to serve an additional 100 business start-ups by 2020.
  9. Develop and Implement Comprehensive Makerspace with 100 memberships monthly by 2020.
  10. Create Business Incubator Spaces to support 10 businesses by 2020.