Core Values

SRC Building

Be Caring

Create a nurturing, respectful, and trusting environment of growth and development.

  • Treat others with courtesy and compassion, and respect differences.
  • Engage in active listening.
  • Behave in an approachable, responsive, and thoughtful manner.
  • Nurture positive and diverse relationships.

Be Ethical

Behave with unwavering integrity.

  • Operate in a trustworthy, honest, responsible, reliable, and transparent manner.
  • Hold ourselves and others accountable.
  • Follow through on commitments and keep promises.
  • Own mistakes and learn from them.
  • Safeguard confidentiality and privacy.

Be Inspiring

Create opportunities through actions that build hope, aspiration, and positive change.

  • Visualize the impossible and see it as possible.
  • Demonstrate positivity and enthusiasm.
  • Celebrate success.
  • Encourage others to learn, develop, and grow.
  • Lead by example; everyone is a leader.

Be Courageous

Boldly seek, face, and address challenges.

  • Embrace change and drive results.
  • Take initiative and welcome opportunities.
  • Create innovative and extraordinary experiences.
  • Strive to be fearless.

Be Connected

Engage and collaborate with each other and our communities by being agile and responsive.

  • Collaborate to build partnerships and seize opportunities.
  • Anticipate and respond with a sense of urgency to stakeholder needs.
  • Understand and respect how our actions impact others.
  • Engage in the advancement of the college.

Be Exceptional

Surpass expectations in everything we do.

  • Focus relentlessly to improve achievement and learning for all students.
  • Delight customers by exceeding expectations.
  • Act as a steward of our organization’s reputation and resources to ensure sustainability.
  • Pursue excellence with no tolerance for mediocrity.