Wellness CNM offers:

  • Access to free or low cost counseling and support groups.
  • Help with a variety of issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, and creating positive study habits.
  • Assistance with housing, job, and food resources

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Organization/Contact Services/Comments Phone            

Age to Age Counseling

Individual and group counseling; sliding fee scale

(505) 291-6314

Agora Crisis Hotline

UNM crisis/helpline, walk-in center, online chat. Free services.

(505) 277-3013

(855) 505-4505

Albuquerque Collaborative Therapeutics

ACT provides a treatment called Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for individuals diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder as well as individuals engaged in suicidal and self-harm behaviors. 

(505) 255-1756

Albuquerque Rape Crisis Center

Free counseling for victims of sexual assault and abuse

(505) 266-7711

Alcoholics Anonymous

Free support for alcoholics and families

(505) 266-1900

Aliviar Counseling Services

(no website)

Offers individual, family, and couples counseling.  Adults only.  Provides specialized counseling around issues of substance abuse and domestic violence.  In addition, they offer case management services, anger management, and parenting courses. Option for Sliding Scale.  Accepts Medicaid.

(505) 247-4622

A New Awakening

(in Rio Rancho, separate ownership from downtown Albuquerque A New Awakening)

General counseling, substance abuse, mental health. Accepts Medicaid. Some sliding fee arrangements possible.

(505) 994-4100

A New Awakening
(downtown ABQ, separate ownership from Rio Rancho A New Awakening)

Holistic counseling, including Ayurvedic, massage, yoga, tai chi, acupuncture. Also groups for anger, stress, PTSD, spirituality. Accepts Medicaid and some vouchers.

(505) 224-9124

Awake and Aware 

Specializes in depression, anxiety, and trauma counseling. Offers Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and eating disorder treatment. Individuals, group, and couples therapy available. Accepts Medicaid. 

(505) 503-7946 

Centennial Care (Medicaid program)

Call for information

(888) 997-2583

Centro Savila

Mental health counseling and psychotherapy; Case management; Medicaid and New Mexico Health Care Exchange enrollment assistance; Food Security; Therapeutic gardening; Drug and alcohol counseling; Advocacy for system change; and Interpretation and translation services.

(505) 312-7296

Children's Community Mental Health Clinic(a service of Bernalillo County government)

Mental health services for youth in the detention center and the community. Includes evaluation/assessment, group/individual therapy, medication management, substance abuse treatment, case management, and psychological testing.

(505) 468-7106

Children's Grief Center

Support groups for ages 5-25 who are grieving the loss of a loved one. Free services.

(505) 323-0478

Christian Therapy Services

Christian Therapy Services is a professional counseling service that is dedicated to helping individuals, couples, and families move through the problems of life toward greater emotional and spiritual health.  In a Christian atmosphere of warmth and caring, we help our clients develop new skills, tools and strategies for dealing with old problems.

(505) 343-2010

Clarity Counseling Inc.

Individual, family, and group therapy for Significant life changes  Anger issues, Mood disorders, Anxiety disorders, Personality disorders, Psychosis, Developmental disabilities.

(505) 294-2722

Community Lighthouse

Depression & Anxiety, ADD/ADHD. Bipolar/Mood Disorders, Daily Stress, Trauma & Abuse, Grief Counseling, Family/Relationship Problems, Adult & Child Trauma, Behavior Problems, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

(505) 273-6300

Counseling & Psychotherapy Inst. (Rod Mercure)

General counseling: (low cost)-individual, group, family. Specialties in anger management, schizophrenia management

(505) 243-2223

Dragonfly Counseling

(no website)

Full service individual and group counseling. Accepts Medicaid.

(505) 265-0753

Engender Inc.

Individual and group counseling incorporating leading edge transformative techniques, such as Gestalt, meditation, cognitive reframing. Counseling available for transgender and sexual identity issues. Accepts Medicaid and offers sliding fee scale.

(505) 242-4400

Evolution Group

Domestic violence, substance abuse, anger management, mental health counseling. Accepts Medicaid; offers sliding scale fees.

(505) 242-6988

First Nations Community Health Source

Wide range of mental and physical health support programs. Free to Native Americans.

(505) 262-2481

(505) 248-2990

Four Winds Behavioral Health

Drug and alcohol recovery inpatient and outpatient programs, drug testing, group therapy with different focuses (veterans, parenting, relapse prevention, job search). Sliding scale fees available. Located in Rio Rancho.

(505) 702-8547 

(505) 248-2990

Grief Resource Center

Online and email grief support groups for adults and children. Includes loss of companion animals.


Haven Behavioral Senior Care

Haven Behavioral Hospital of Albuquerque provides impatient psychiatric stabilization and treatment to older adults experiencing acute symptoms of depression, anxiety, mood swings or psychosis.

(505) 254-4500

Healing Addiction in Our Community

Resource list of many agencies that provide counseling for addiction recovery, as well as some inpatient treatment centers, transitional housing, community recovery programs such as equestrian therapy, methadone programs

 (505) 877-3644

High Desert Family Services

Specializing in Community and Home based services for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities and "at Risk" Children and Adolescents experiencing Behavioral Health Issues.

(505) 823-4530

Indian Health Service

Behavioral health counseling, free to Native Americans

(505) 256-6800

Los Alamos Family Council

Various types of counseling-serves low-income, Medicaid, sliding scale, etc.

(505) 662-4160

Manzanita Counseling Center

Free counseling. At UNM, closed during Summer term. All issues.

(505) 277-7311

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Health)

Offers an array of free education and support programs for individuals, family members, providers and the general public.  These include Family-to-family, Peer-to-Peer , NAMI Support Group, In Our Own Voice and more.

(505) 260-0154

New Day Youth and Family Services
Administrative Offices

Therapy, education, life skills classes for youth and their families. Operates safe home for youth.

(505) 260-9912

NM AIDS Services

NMAS is a nonprofit organization that advocates for and enhances the lives of people affected by HIV and AIDS. We provide direct services, such as housing and food, for people with HIV/AIDS, as well as prevention, education, and advocacy efforts to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS in the community, especially with high-risk populations.

(505) 938-7100

NM Asian Family Center

Culturally sensitive case management, counseling, legal consultation, children and family programs, and referrals for Asians

(505) 717-2877

NM Center for Empowerment and Mood Support

Anxiety,mood disorder and trauma treatment for individuals, couples, and families. Accepts medicaid, commercial insurance and sliding scale.

(505) 401-0520

NM Office of the Medical Investigator: Grief Services Program

Individual and family counseling, support groups, referrals, crisis intervention, home visits, autopsy review services for people traumatized by a sudden death

(505) 272-3053

NM Crisis and Access Line

24-hour mental health crisis and referral line staffed by professional counselors.

(855) 662-7474

TTY: (855) 227-5485

NM Crisis and Access Line--Peer to Peer Warmline

Call 3:30 pm - 11:30 pm and text 6 pm-11 pm, 7-day-a-week mental health support line staffed by Peer Support Specialists. An alternative to the regular Crisis and Access Line staffed by professional counselors.

(855) 466-7100

New Mexico Solutions

Psycho-social evaluation and assessment.  Individual, group and family therapy. Psychological evaluations, Emergency evaluations.  Couples' counseling, Spanish-speaking therapists. Intensive in-home services-children, School-based therapies, Consultations.

(505) 833-2300

(505) 268-0701

24 HR. Hotline

Open Path-Therapy Within Reach

Open Path Psychotherapy Collective provides middle and lower-income level individuals, couples, families, and children with access to affordable psychotherapy and mental health education services.  While affordable psychotherapy for all remains the ideal, our nonprofit organization is dedicated to leveling the current mental health playing field by reaching the growing number of Americans who earn too much to qualify for subsidized psychotherapeutic services and too little to pay for private psychotherapy. 

 (800) 268-2833

Optum Health

Optum Health New Mexico manages benefits statewide for the New Mexico Behavioral Health Collaborative.  We are a mental health, substance abuse, and recovery resource for New Mexicans.  There is an online form available. (505) 262-7000

(505) 660-7182

(855) 662-7474 24 hr hotline 

Outcomes Inc.

*(INSURANCE ONLY)*  Our psychotherapy and counseling services provide outpatient mental health counseling to children, adults, couples, and families across New Mexico. 

(505) 243-2551

PB&J Family Services

Helping at-risk children to grow and develop to their full potential in nurturing families within a supportive community.

(505) 877-7060

(505) 944-7224

(505) 867-2356

Rio Grande Counseling and Guidance Services

Alcohol and drug recovery, anxiety, depression, anger management, family, relationships, trauma. Accepts Medicaid.

(505) 246-8700

Rio Rancho Family Health Center

Part of Presbyterian Medical Services

(505) 896-0928

Sage Neuroscience

General counseling. Offers sliding scale fees.

(505) 884-1114

SMART Recovery

Self-empowering addiction recovery support. Offers a 4-point, science-based program online daily and education and resources for forming community-based face-to-face meetings.


Southwest Family Guidance Center and Institute

Children's and family counseling, cognitive behavioral and play therapy, as well as other modalities. Accepts Medicaid, offers some free services. Offices in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Las Cruces. Website offers several parenting resources.

(505) 830-1871

Streetwise, Inc.

Mental Health Assessment; Therapy; Behavior Management Skills Development; Adolescent Alcohol and/or Drug Services, Intensive Outpatient Program.

(505) 323-3785

(505) 908-5400  24 hour crisis hotline

Suicide and Depression Student Guidebook 

Offers information about suicide especially targeted to students ages 15-24 and their families and friends. Includes local resources, warning signs, relationship to depression, myths, how to ask for help, info for special populations such as LGBTQ persons and trauma survivors. 


Suicide Prevention in College

A Guide to Suicide Prevention for Students.


The Attachment Healing Center

Specializing in the treatment of children with RAD-Reactive Attachment Disorder.  Provides in-the-home counseling for children with RAD.  Parental training is part of the program.  Accepts Medicaid.  Serving Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, East Mountains, Los Lunas, Belen, Gallup, Grants, Socorro, and Sante Fe.

(505) 237-0061

Universal Counseling

Individual, group, family, substance abuse, LGBTQ, veterans, Spanish-speaking available. Accepts Medicaid and considers sliding scale fees. Located in Rio Rancho. 

(505) 859-7734

UNM Dept of Psychology

Individuals, couples, families. Open to the community. Sliding scale fees.

(505) 277-5164

UNM Psychiatric Center

Central intake & assessment for psychiatric services and emergencies. Also offers community services, such as support groups and translator services.

(505) 272-2920 

(505) 272-2800

UNM Student Health

UNM students only.

(505) 277-3136

(505) 277-4537


Services for children,youth, adults and families to stay healthy, to teach them life skills and to have a safe living environment.  Program activities are delivered in a variety of settings including classrooms, community centers and churches, in the family home, group homes, on the streets and out in the community.  Services are available to both Medicaid and non-Medicaid clients. 

(505) 352-3444


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