Health, Physical

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AIDS/CDC Hotline


(800) 232-4636

Casa de Salud

Holistic medical services (conventional, natural and traditional) for those left out of the medical system (not low-income enough for Medicaid but can't afford insurance). Accepts Molina Medicaid. Includes primary and urgent care, women's health, pre-natal care, acupuncture, Reiki and more.

(505) 907-8311

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services


(877) 267-2323

Catholic Charities

Transportation to medical appointments and grocery shopping. Home care and visitation for elderly (60+)

(505) 724-4670

Centennial Care (replaced Medicaid)


(888) 997-2583 

Coordinator of Long Term Services (COLTS) 
Waiver Line

In-home healthcare services for elderly, disabled (elderly = 65+; must need nursing home level care)

(800) 432-2080

Connection to Care

A Pfizer company program to supply free medications for qualified patients

(866) 706-2400

Consumer Safety Guide

We're here to help you and your loved ones get the answers you need about consumer and medical products.  We want to educate the public and ensure consumers are informed about defective medical products, dangerous drugs, and high-risk consumer products.

Dar a Luz Birth & Health Center

We provide women's health services including annual well-women exams, birth control, pre-conception counseling, lactation consults, and comprehensive prenatal/labor/post partum/newborn care. We are contracted with most insurance payers in New Mexico including medicad.

(505) 924-2229

D-Ink Tattoo Removal

Low-cost or free tattoo removal for some survivors of domestic violence

(505) 220-6629

Domestic Violence Resource Center (previously Resources Inc.)

Domestic violence helpline (funded by United Way)

(505) 884-1241

(505) 248-3165

Earth Easy

Non-Toxic Home Cleaning: How to create safe and effective home-cleaning formulas for every part of your home.

Everyday Health

Modifying your home to help accommodate your vision loss doesn't have to be difficult or expensive.   

First Choice Community 

Medical and dental care with discounts for eligible patients. Locations in SW and NW Albuquerque, Edgewood, Belen, Los Lunas.

(505) 452-4049

First Choice Dental

Basic dental services; sliding fee scale. Includes routine care, extractions, fillings, root canals, bridges, crowns. No orthodontic care.

(505) 873-7423 South Valley

(505) 224-8740 Los Lunas

(505) 224-8718 Edgewood

First Nations Community
Health Source

Comprehensive holistic health care for under-served populations; Native American values incorporated. Don't have to be Native American.

(505) 262-2481

First Nations Community Health Source--Dental Clinic

Full range of dental services. Assists with Medicaid enrollment. 

(505) 262-6547 

Healthcare for the Homeless

Primary care, dental, and social and behavioral health services

(505) 242-4644 Medical Clinic

(505) 766-5197 General Info

(505) 767-1127 Medical Records

Health Insurance Choices for College Students

College students have several options for health insurance coverage, which they can choose based on their individual needs and circumstances.  Students have several options available to them.


Heroin Awareness / Addiction Resources

Huge listing of NM and out-of-state programs and providers


Lion's Club

Vision events, screenings, eyeglass recycling

(505) 938-3124

Med Bank

Prescription drug assistance program for uninsured and under-insured elderly and disabled people. Provides referrals to free and low-cost drug programs and can provide vouchers for emergency supplies of medication.

(800) 432-2080


Now called Centennial Care in New Mexico.

(888) 997-2583

Medicare Questions (NM Aging and Long-Term Services Dept)


(800) 432-2080

Meditation & Mindfulness on Campus

Student life can be stressful, but that doesn't mean students have to let stress take over their lives.  By incorporating mindfulness and meditation into daily routines, students can not relieve the pressure, but also improve their memory, focus and ultimately their grades.  This guide explains what meditation and mindfulness are how students can begin practicing them.     

NM AIDS Services

Free HIV testing, case management, food bank access, support groups (including one in Spanish), free Hepatitis C and syphilis testing and medication for high-risk individuals

(505) 938-7100

NM Drug Card

Card available to all residents of NM. Provides prescription discounts up to 75% at many pharmacies.

(800) 726-4232

Planned Parenthood

Wide range of health care services, including birth control, emergency contraception (morning-after pill), abortion, STD diagnosis and treatment, women's and men's health

(505) 265-3722

(800) 230-PLAN

Presbyterian medical services financial assistance

Apply for financial assistance with bills at Pres

(505) 923-6600

(800) 251-9292

Promoting Student Mental Health

This comprehensive guide dives into more specific information about a variety of common mental health challenges, and focuses on where and how college students - or those thinking about a college education - can turn for support.


Public Health Office

Full range of medical services. Click on "Locations" in header for information about clinics throughout NM.

(505) 841-4100

Student Eating Disorder Awareness Guide

Eating disorders are often misunderstood, sometimes misdiagnosed, and might be kept under wraps so well that by the time the symptoms are evident, the person suffering has already experienced irreversible physical damage.  This in-depth guide explains what eating disorders are, how to spot the signs, the impact of the most common issues, and what treatments are available for those who suffer from these potentially deadly disorders.  

Target $4 Prescriptions 

Lists drugs available. Full service site includes transferring prescriptions, ordering refills, store locator. 


The Comprehensive Guide to Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation can cause a whole range of negative things, from accidents at work to health conditions that can permanently affect you.  This guide will help with the causes, symptoms, and treatment.

$25 Glasses

Website provides link to "$39 Glasses" with $15 discount

(800) 672-6304

UNM Division of Dental Hygiene

Low-cost cleanings (including with gum disease or deep cleaning needs), x-rays, sealants, fluoride treatments, mouth guards, tooth whitening trays. Accepts several dental insurances and Medicaid.

(505) 272-4106

UNM Family Health Center

Links to clinics in 9 locations around Albuquerque

(505) 268-5885

UNM Maternity & Family Planning

Women's health-comprehensive

(505) 272-2220
New Futures

(505) 272-2154
West Mesa

(505) 272-2156
S. Broadway

(505) 272-2158
NW Valley

UNM Young Children's Health Center

Must live in 87108 or 87123 zip code. Primary care for children, newborn home visits, etc.

(505) 272-9242

University Hospital Patient Financial Services

Information and assistance with payment

(505) 272-2521

Vision for Dignity, Access and Accountability in Health Care (VIDA)

A program of JAZZ for Health (Justice, Access, Support and Solutions for Health), which is an affiliate of Casa de Salud

Advocates for Bernalillo County health "safety net" to cover people who cannot afford insurance but are not low-income enough for Medicaid. Also helps individuals with management and reduction of medical debts

(505) 907-8311

Walmart $4 Prescriptions 

Lists drugs available. Full service site includes transferring prescriptions, ordering refills, store locator. 


Working Disabled Individuals 

Health coverage assistance for disabled people whose income is too high for Medicaid

(800) 318-1469

(888) 997-2583

Youth Blast Program

Drop-in center for at-risk youth is geared for young people ages 16 to 22 who are in transition from adolescence to adulthood.  It is intended to take away all barriers that prevent young people from gaining access to support services and meaningful youth opportunities.


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