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A Parent's Guide to CNM

Information for parents of current and future CNM students.

As a parent of a current or incoming CNM student, you may have some questions about the college. The information below can help answer some commonly asked questions.

How does my child become a CNM student?
What is the Accuplacer Test and how can my child sign up for it
How much does CNM cost and where can I learn more about federal financial aid

Does CNM accept the New Mexico Lottery Scholarship? Yes. Learn more here.

Where can I learn about all CNM scholarships?
Why can't I request a copy of my child's grades
Can my child attend CNM while still in high school
Where do I learn more about CNM programs

Do CNM programs and degrees transfer to other colleges and universities? Yes, they do. Learn more here.

And here are some other helpful links that may be helpful.
CNM Catalog

CNM Schedule of Classes
Important Dates and Deadlines
Tuition Information
CNM Scholarship Information