Pandemic Response to On-Campus Classes and Work

CNM’s pandemic preparedness and responses are guided and informed by an Emergency Management Working Group, Triage Team, and Safety Team that are performing continuous work to help keep our campus community safe.

Below are descriptions of the teams’ charges, how decisions are being made, and the representatives that are participating.

Emergency Management Working Group (EMWG)

The Emergency Management Working Group was created to perform the vital work of ramping up to Phase I Return to Campus operations. As part of CNM’s ongoing FEMA plan for action, this continues to follow the model established by the Emergency Management team. The team has established essential plans, strategies, sub-teams, and protocols. This team convenes daily and provides strategy, guidance, and decision making for the college. In addition, the EMWG assures all sub-teams stay on track. The team consists of one representative from each of these areas:

  • Executive Team                      
  • Security                                              
  • Human Resources                                                       
  • Risk Management                                                       
  • Emergency Management and Plan Oversight                                                  
  • ITS

Those who are leading sub-teams are brought in as necessary. These individuals represent areas that include, but are not limited to:

  • Purchasing/budget
  • Employee process or practice change
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Legal
  • On-Campus Albuquerque Public Schools High Schools - NACA/CCHS
  • Dean of Students
  • Physical Plant Division
  • Academic Affairs
  • Safety Team
  • Benefits
  • Student Services

Triage Team

The Triage Team consists of four people:

  • A representative from MCO to manage messaging
  • An HR representative to handle confidential information & contact tracing
  • A Physical Plant Department representative for operational experience in what should be done in an exposed area
  • Legal counsel for implications in any course of action

The purpose of this team is to assess each COVID-19 incident that is reported and determine a course of action. This work is done in a timely manner and includes convening on evenings or weekends. Once a course of action is established, responsibilities will be assigned as needed to sub-teams including (but not limited to):

  • Dean of Students for cases involving students
  • Outreach for cases involving the high schools
  • Chief Procurement Officer for cases involving vendors or contractors
  • HR
  • Physical Plant Department
  • Operations
  • Marketing & Communications Office
  • Legal
  • Security
  • Emergency Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Safety
  • Policy
  • Fiscal Operations
  • Academic Affairs
  • Technology
  • Benefits
  • Student Services

Safety Team

CNM’s Safety Team consists of all members of the Executive Team and key members of the EMWG. This team meets weekly with the purpose of:

  • Sharing with the Executive Team all of the timely, pertinent, need-to-know information on CNM’s COVID-19 response in one clear, concise format
  • Bringing forward recommendations and action steps from EMWG and sub-teams
  • Presenting dashboard-style information on where we are and what we’re doing
  • Providing a forum for Executive Team to ask questions

Guidelines for Internal Communication

  • Executive Team and Safety Team are notified via group text when a positive COVID-19 case is identified on a CNM campus. These texts are to provide a timely alert and follow a simple, template format with limited detail.
  • When there is a confirmed positive COVID-19 case involving students, faculty, staff, contractors, or vendors who have been on a CNM campus, this data will be added to the COVID-19 Dashboard.