Faculty FAQs

FAQs regarding COVID-19, as it relates to CNM faculty.

For Spring 2021, the majority of work will be done remote/online, with a limited number of identified staff members being on campus for essential purposes. Do not come to any campus unless you have an urgent need and it’s been approved by a vice president or a dean. Entrance into any building will have to be coordinated and approved through CNM Security. Access the Facility Authorization Usage Notification (FAUN) form via myCNM - Employee - My Records.

Read about CNM's Return to Campus Plan.

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What should I do about my class if I get quarantined or ill?

To keep students moving forward, we encourage you to work with your colleagues and departmental supervisors for short-notice substitute coverage. You should also consider how making videos, podcasts, online curriculum or other electronic content can benefit students in your absence. CNM Brightspace is a valuable resource for electronic content and may also help students stay on track in your absence. 

If you or your family are impacted personally by COVID-19 and you will not be able to continue teaching this semester, please contact your supervisor. You may also contact your dean if you have questions and concerns.

What resources are available to help me shift my course into an online format? 

Visit the Distance Learning site for information and resources.

We also encourage you to work with your dean, associate dean and colleagues as you think about adjusting your policies or preparing for the remainder of the term. 

What will happen if my class cannot be taught online?

We encourage you to work with your colleagues, departmental leadership and the CNM Distance Learning team to explore all possible options for teaching online. You may wish to explore reorganizing your course schedule, alternative curriculum or modifications to assignments that support remote learning. If it is determined that your class cannot be taught in an alternative format, your department will assist you in making other arrangements.

Will there be “make up” days if school closes for one or more days? 

CNM may extend the semester by the period the college is closed, if needed. We will continue to review our options and update this response with new information.  

What do I tell a student who indicates they need accessibility accommodations for online content?

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) can assist students with accommodations for online classes.

Please tell students to contact the DRC for updates to their Student Accommodation Statement. Even if the student has a Student Accommodation Statement in place, they may contact the DRC for assistance. The DRC can be reached at or (505) 224-3259.   

What Benefits resources are available to me during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Benefits has created a SharePoint page discussing resources available to staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This includes information about the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), providing staff with access to ComPsych guidance resources.

How do I request a laptop or other equipment?

ITS has created an Equipment Request Form for faculty and staff members interested in checking out a laptop or other equipment.