Student FAQs

FAQs regarding COVID-19, as it relates to CNM students.

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CNM Status and Online Learning

Are CNM on-campus classes being held as usual?

CNM is under modified operations until further notice and access to CNM physical locations is restricted.

All ongoing classes and support services will be done through online or remote methods. Do not come to campus. Your instructor(s) will update you on individual classes and keep you regularly informed.

Reference Student Services and Online Learning for further resources.

Can I still apply to CNM?

Yes. You can still apply for admission to CNM. In most cases, you’ll be notified of your admitted status upon submitting the completed application. We’ll also email/mail your Official Admission Letter once your application status has been reviewed and confirmed.

If you have questions about the process, please email If you need to send us documents that are not electronic, we encourage you to scan or take a photograph of it, and email it to us.   

During this time, please understand that email response may take longer than usual due to the higher volume of email communications across the College. We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

Is CNM Ingenuity still available?

Yes. For information on CNM Ingenuity, please visit the Ingenuity site.

Are there resources to help me buy a computer?

Yes. If you have financial aid, you can use your financial aid for a computer. Email or call (505) 224-3000 for more information.

I don’t believe my class will work in an online format. Who should I contact with that feedback?

Please contact your instructor directly with feedback or questions about online classes. You can find their contact information at the top of your course syllabus or at

I'm worried about my grades. What can I do?

Some classes allow you to change the grade you receive from a letter grade (A-F) to a credit/no-credit (CR/NC). This option may help you complete your classes. Here’s some additional information and a link for the form.

You can have up to 9 credit hours of CR/NC with your degree. If you choose this option, send your completed form to

Need more information about whether this option is right for you? Email an Academic Coach at

Finance, Refunds, Benefits and Payments

I had to drop my courses due to COVID-19. Will I owe back the financial aid I received this semester?

If you had to drop some or all of your Spring 2020 semester classes due to CNM Campus disruptions that started on March 13, 2020, AND you had been attending your classes, you will not have to repay any aid for the term.

Can I get any financial help?

Yes. We have the Rust Opportunity Assistance Fund to help you with unforeseen challenges.

Is Financial Aid still available to contact? Can I send them any documents I need?

Yes, Financial Aid is available to assist you. Email with any concerns, including issues related to FAFSA, loan counseling, appeals, and your financial aid status. You can also email any documents required.

If classes are canceled or changed, will my financial aid be at risk?

As long as you can complete your classes successfully, regardless of format, your financial aid eligibility will continue. If you'll be unable to complete your classes, or have related concerns, contact Financial Aid.

Are my Veteran GI Bill® benefits affected by switching from in-person to online classes?

A new law, recently passed, allows the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to continue providing your current level of education benefits even if your classes have switched from in-person to online. The same monthly housing allowance payments for resident training will continue until December 21, 2020, or until CNM returns to normal operations for in-person classes. 

No action is required from students using Veterans benefits. Currently, the CNM Veteran Services is getting detailed information to make sure GI Bill® benefits continue during modified operations. 

For further information:

Can I still have a loan deferment completed for the current term? 

Yes. Please complete the loan deferment form and email it to

I am a former CNM student and cannot repay my student loans due to financial issues caused by the COVID-19. What are my options?
The US Department of Education has temporarily halted all student loan payments for the next 6 months, including any collections on defaulted student loans. No interest or fees will be charged during this time period.


Can I still apply to graduate?

Yes. You can still apply to graduate through the last day of the semester at myCNM. Follow these steps

Can I get a replacement diploma?

Diploma printing is suspended. If you need a replacement, or have never picked one up, please submit your request to with your current mailing address and we will mail one to you. Digital Diplomas are also available. Digital Diplomas are issued at the beginning of each month and are sent to your mobile phone; they cannot be printed. If you are interested in receiving one, email