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Learning Communities

WHAT is a Learning Community?

In a Learning Community, students enroll in two or more classes together to create a "community" of learners. At CNM, dynamic and experienced instructors team up to plan and teach these paired courses and to give you the support and attention you need. Learning Communities are offered at all levels of study and in many different departments.

WHY should I enroll in a learning community?

Learning Communities help you stay motivated.  National research shows that students in Learning Communities succeed at higher rates than students in stand-alone courses! You can fulfill your degree and certificate requirements while discovering the benefits of learning together with instructors who are invested in creating exciting and supportive communities.

HOW do I register for a Learning Community?

Register for a Learning Community the same way you would as a regular class, and be sure to register for both sections of the Learning Community. In a Learning Community you must add and drop both sections at all times.