Self-Placement ENGL 1110P Description and Expectations

This page provides self-placed students with a description of ENGL 1110P, sample reading and writing assignments and samples of student work.

English 1110P Composition I Plus:

In this course, students will read, write, and think about a variety of issues and texts. They will develop reading and writing skills that will help with the writing required in their fields of study and other personal and professional contexts. Students will learn to analyze rhetorical situations in terms of audience, contexts, purpose, mediums, and technologies and apply this knowledge to their reading and writing. Students will complete support assignments that help them to complete major projects while receiving additional guidance from their instructor.

College Writing Plus is an expository writing course with readings designed to provide topics for discussion and writing and to improve students' accurate uses of language. College Writing Plus is different from English 1110 because this course gives students more time and support (approximately 15 hours of supplemental “lab” time) to complete the English 1110 Learning Outcomes. This course is recommended for students traditionally placed in Developmental English to start in a college-level English course. English 1110 Plus provides for more time and support for these students to meet the outcomes for the College Writing course.

Read the ENGL 1110P sample assignment here.

View ENGL 1110P sample student work here.

Read the ENGL 1110P sample support (lab) assignment here.

View ENGL 1110P sample student lab work here.