Self-Placement IRW 0970 Description and Expectations

This page provides self-placed students with a description of IRW 0970, sample reading and writing assignments and samples of student work.

IRW 0970 Integrated Reading and Writing I:

The course introduces various work-related and academic texts and assists students in comprehending these texts and in constructing effective work-related and academic writings of their own. Students develop strategies to improve their reading and writing skills. Students learn the fundamentals of sentence structure as well as grammar and mechanics. Students receive guided practice using technology for reading and writing. (This course is also offered as ESOL 0971, which is recommended for speakers of languages other than English. ESOL 0971 faculty have a background in teaching English as a second language.)

Read the IRW 0970 sample reading and writing assignment here.

Read the IRW 0970 sample student work here.