Session B1

6th Annual CNM Conference on Teaching and Learning

What would you say if…?  Strategies for supporting critical conversations and building cultural competence in the college classroom

Sarah R. Egelman (Religion & Humanities, CHSS, CNM); Michelle Jewett (Education, CHSS, CNM) 

La Ventana, 1:00-2:15

What would you say in response to racist comments in your classroom? How would you respond to anti-Semitism or homophobia? How can you create a climate of socio-emotional support for your students so that critical thinking can take place? This session is an exploration of the ways in which we can prepare ourselves for discussions about issues related to religion, sexuality, race, immigration, and disability in the classroom in order to foster an open, emotionally safe, and respectful learning environment for diverse students. Workshop content will include a short introduction of relevant terms and discussion of experiences before working collaboratively to process different classroom scenarios. This session is appropriate for educators who explore issues of diversity in the content they teach or who teach in diverse classrooms. Attendees will take away strategies and resources for addressing critical conversations in their classroom.

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