Session B6

6th Annual CNM Conference on Teaching and Learning

Smartphones and Tablets in the Classroom ….how do you deal with it!

Anna Gillelty, PhD (Presidential Fellow – Mobile Technology, CNM)

Sierra II, 1:00-2:15

What are the challenges, barriers, and wonders of students bringing their personal smartphones, tablets, and/or laptops to the classroom? Instructors of all course types are learning the creative ways students find to use these devices for good and evil. This discussion is not about convincing you to use technology but about better understanding how this tech culture affects instruction. We need to know how to use it and/or control it in any environment regardless of the pedagogical arguments for or against technology. All disciplines are welcome and needed to fully understand the student-owned-tech challenges in higher education. Bring a list of the challenges you’ve experienced to share with the group. If you’ve had successes bring those ideas. By the end of the session we will compile a small list of challenges and immediate adaptations and a much larger list of challenges we need to work toward finding solutions.

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