Session B8

6th Annual CNM Conference on Teaching and Learning

It Takes A Community ...College

Denise Ojeda (AT, CNM); Jennifer Klecker (AT, CNM); Joe Schaub (AT, CNM) 

Ocotillo I, 1:00-2:15

The Professionalism Project: The project began from a need to address the lack of professionalism and soft skills in the classroom which translates into poor employees. Students are exposed to real-life scenarios and activities giving them the opportunity to practice these professionalism skills in class.

This session will discuss the newest practices and activities, including collaboration with faculty, staff, industry, and other outside agencies. Students are exposed to subject matter experts that discuss expectations in the classroom and on the job. Then they reflect on lessons learned and incorporate them into future assignments. These universal practices are useful across all programs and disciplines. There will be discussion on best practices and successes.

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