Session C2

6th Annual CNM Conference on Teaching and Learning

Faculty Perspective: Tips for Providing Accommodations 

Ann Lyn Hall (Executive Director, Connect Services, CNM);  Kathy Hoppe, D.Min.  (Achievement Coach, Disability Resource Center, CNM);  Linda Martin (Associate Dean, MSE, CNM);  Carol Martinez, M.A. (MSE, CNM);  Marjo Garlach, Ph.D. (CHSS, CNM); Erica Reed (College Success, SAGE, CNM)

Sandia I, 2:30-3:45

Providing academic accommodations for students with disabilities can be challenging. This panel presentation is designed to demonstrate successful strategies in applying student accommodations in the classroom. The panel consists of faculty, administrators, and a DRC achievement coach who will address typical challenges faced by instructors (e.g., maintaining confidentiality, implementing accommodations with ease, resolving difficult situations) and offer positive solutions and tips to instructors.

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