Session C3

6th Annual CNM Conference on Teaching and Learning

Teaching Information Literacy – Challenges and Tips

Janet Peterson, Ph.D. ( Director of Professional Development, Center for Professional Exploration and Development, San Juan College);  Rachael Dworsky, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor of English, San Juan College)

Sandia II, 2:30-3:45

Join Dr. Janet Peterson (Director of Professional Development/former Professor of English) and Dr. Rachael Dworsky (Assistant Professor of English) as they discuss the challenges of teaching information literacy at San Juan College.  Peterson will report on the evolution of Information Literacy (IL) instruction on the San Juan College campus.  Her recent Distinguished Teaching Chair award in IL helped to promote campus-wide attention and interest in Information Literacy among her colleagues.  SJC subsequently adopted IL as one of their Common Student Leaning Outcomes.  Dworsky will discuss an IL essay assignment that she created and implemented in her Advanced Composition course.  In her portion of the presentation, Dworsky will share some of the challenges she faced while teaching this assignment, and will also reflect on how she works to overcome those challenges.  The intended audience for this presentation is any instructor who teaches IL or would like to make IL a more central part of their pedagogical approach in the future. 

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