Session C5

6th Annual CNM Conference on Teaching and Learning

The Developmental Learner in the College Classroom

Alice Trabaudo, Facilitator (IRW, SAGE, CNM); Huong McDoniel (Mathematics, SAGE, CNM);  Alex Piland (IRW, SAGE, CNM);  Angelika Schwamberger (English, CHSS, CNM)

Sierra I, 2:30-3:45

In response to recent changes to developmental education and uncertainty about the place of developmental students in the community college, this panel of experts will discuss the developmental learner and considerations in the college classroom. The panel will be available to answer questions from faculty about developmental student issues and how they pertain to co-requisite and other entry level classes. Panel participants from CNM include representatives from SAGE faculty in math, IRW, and CSE. An introduction and definition of the developmental student as well as effective and successful teaching techniques will be a part of the panel discussion. 

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