Session C9

6th Annual CNM Conference on Teaching and Learning

Examining Hidden Truths: Teaching Identity Privilege in the Composition Classroom 

Danielle K. Sullivan (Assistant Professor of English, San Juan College)

Ocotillo II, 2:30-3:45

In this session, Danielle Sullivan, Assistant Professor of English at San Juan College, will give an overview of curricula she designed on identity privilege for developmental and advanced composition classes. These curricula encourage students to tackle issues of diversity and inequity head on. Danielle will share specific lessons designed to engage students in reading, writings, and conversations that are emotionally difficult and can feel taboo as well as those developed to support students in dealing with the emotional and cognitive challenges that arise when examining such difficult topics.  She will also share student responses to the curricula and engage participants in small and large group discussions. This session is appropriate for composition and reading instructors who are looking for new and effective ways to address diversity issues in the classroom.  Participants will leave with lessons, a reading list, and classroom activities.

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