Session C10

6th Annual CNM Conference on Teaching and Learning

Making Math More Relevant for Career Technical Education

Ella Sitkin (Mathematics, MSE, CNM);  Cynthia Ediger Griffin (Mathematics, MSE, CNM); Kambiz Shahroudi (Mathematics, MSE, CNM)

Piñon, 2:30-3:45

Math 1210 is a non-STEM problem-solving with mathematics course. After several years of collaborating with colleagues throughout the CNM technical schools, Math 1210 has been redesigned. The innovative redesign lends itself to project-based learning and centers on developing the math skills necessary for success in a variety of technical fields.

Our presentation will include interactive discussions of teaching strategies and projects designed to enhance collaborative, career-relevant learning of mathematical principles. This approach will reinforce the skills necessary for student success in their chosen field.

Because of the ongoing collaborative nature of the project, interest has been generated across several CNM schools. Therefore, our intended audience is any faculty who will be teaching the new Math series 1211, 1212 and 1213. Additionally, it will be of interest to faculty from outside of the Mathematics department and in fact, faculty from other colleges who rely on their incoming students having the necessary math skills for their chosen field.

Our audience will leave with a clear understanding of this innovative approach and some key strategies and tools for implementation in the classroom.

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