Session A7

6th Annual CNM Conference on Teaching and Learning

The Future of Teaching and Learning / Teach the Future

John William (BILL) Meador (History, CHSS, CNM)

Sierra III, 10:15-11:30

The focus of this presentation will be to explore some of the possibilities for the future of teaching and learning and also how and why to “teach the future”.  The intent is not to predict the future but to help faculty (and subsequently their students) understand how to anticipate and influence their possible futures, as well as the future of teaching and learning.  The foresight principles of framing, scanning and visioning will be reviewed with any CNM instructors who hope to live in the future.  We will also discuss planning for alternative futures, with the intended outcome of exploring a variety of plausible futures for faculty, students, higher education in general, as well as the future of work. 

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