Session A9

6th Annual CNM Conference on Teaching and Learning


Returning to the Heart of Your Path:  Healthy Teaching, Healthy You 

Julie Dunlop (English, CHSS, CNM)

Ocotillo II, 10:15-11:30

Balance and well-being are at the heart of healthy teaching. Are you feeling your best? Is your teaching at its best? Come learn practical tips to support the health of your teaching and your well-being. Through this holistic and experiential learning, we will bring awareness to integrating mind/body/spirit through the wisdom of yoga, meditation, and Āyurveda. 

 (Mobile devices are not needed for this session. Note: Please plan to power down your mobile devices for this session to support a meditative setting.)

Intended Outcomes:

• Understanding basic principles of meditation, yoga, and Āyurveda for health and well-being

 • Exploration of how these principles are relevant to effective teaching

• Observation of the nature of balance (and imbalance) in daily living

• Assessment of the well-being of your approach to teaching

• Practical tips for supporting your health and enjoying your teaching more

• Sample techniques for enhancing balance and mindfulness

• Resources to support well-being

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