Session A2

6th Annual CNM Conference on Teaching and Learning

Say What? Working with Deaf Students and Interpreters 

Brian Rasmussen (Disability Resource Center, CNM); Erin Wilson (Disability Resource Center, CNM)

Sandia I, 10:15-11:30

This workshop is designed for faculty and instructional staff of all levels of experience. We will examine the nuances of working with Deaf and hard of hearing students in a post-secondary setting. Looking at the role of the interpreter, we will analyze the interpreter's function as part of the educational team, and we will discuss some approaches that instructors may employ to strengthen the relationship with Deaf or hard of hearing students in their classroom.  Attendees will gain insight into Deaf culture and how to best work with students who are Deaf or hard of hearing. They will acquire an understanding of the professional interpreter's scope of practice as well as the interpreter's role within a classroom environment. Participants will be lead through an interactive discussion, looking at some of the common problems that arise when working across linguistic, cultural and modal boundaries.

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