6th Annual CNM Conference on Teaching and Learning

Concurrent Sessions A          10:15-11:30

A1.  Teaching Across Cultural Strengths: Going Deeper

A2.  Say What? Working with Deaf Students and Interpreters

A3.  CANCELLED Coaching Students to Academic Success in the Classroom

A4.  Building Trust and Respect through Communication

A5.  Vets in the Classroom: Support and Strategies

A6.  "XCITE" Extraordinarily, Creative, Interactive Teaching Environment: How DACC is transforming our teaching with iPad technology

A7.  The Future of Teaching and Learning/Teach the Future

A8.  Reinventing Rosie: A Pathway to Success for Women in Nontraditional Careers

A9.  CANCELLED Returning to the Heart of Your Path: Healthy Teaching, Healthy You

A10.  Sentence Structure as a Competitive Team Sport

A11.  Desmos: A Free, Online Graphing Calculator

A12.  Best Practices Lounge

A13.  Reflective Practice Tables

Concurrent Sessions B          1:00-2:15

B1.  What would you say if…? Strategies for Supporting Critical Conversations and Building Cultural Competence in the College Classroom

B2.  Universal Design and Students with Disabilities: What Works?

B3.  Backward Design: Planning a Course from the Ground Up

B4.  Teaching Diversity Critically: Going Beyond Nation States

B5.  Panel Discussion: Current Immigration Policies and Implications for Higher Education Institutions

B6.  Smartphones and Tablets in the Classroom… how do you deal with it!

B7.  Challenges of Teaching Online at Two-Year Institutions: A close look at current studies finding online courses not working well at Community Colleges, and how Humanities instructors are working to overcome these setbacks

B8.  It Takes a Community ...College

B9.  Engaging the Under-Resourced Student across the Community College

B10. Using Discussion Forums to Enhance Critical Thinking and Engagement in Mathematics Curriculum

B11.  EdReady for Adult and Developmental Education

B12.  Best Practices Lounge

B13.  Reflective Practice Tables

Concurrent Sessions C          2:30-3:45

C1.  Embracing Diversity & Creating Inclusion & Equity in the Classroom

C2.  Faculty Perspective: Tips for Providing Accommodations 

C3.  Teaching Information Literacy--Challenges and Tips

C4.  The Collaborative Meta Exam Concept & Practice:  An Evidence Based Method to Fully Activate Student Learning

C5.  The Developmental Learner in the College Classroom

C6.  Meeting the Learning Needs of Students with Diverse Backgrounds in Higher Education: A Music Teacher Experience

C7.  Wanna go Paperless? Practical Strategies from Baby Steps to All-the-Way

C8.  Quality Matters Master Course Model

C9.  Examining Hidden Truths: Teaching Identity Privilege in the Composition Classroom

C10.  Making Math Relevant for Career Technical Education

C11.  A Holistic Approach to Engaging Students Using Graffiti Writing 

C12.  Best Practices Lounge

C13.  Reflective Practice Tables


P1.  Teaching 2

P2.  Digital Storytelling as an Instructional Tool 

P3.  Opening Access to Education through Open Educational Resources             

P4.  Writing Across the Curriculum: The 11 Sentence Paragraph  

P5.  Four Educators Walk Into a Bar: Universal Design, Leadership, & Organizational Change                      

Resource Tables

RT1.  Distance Learning Knowledge Bar

RT2.  BYOD session: Learning to Use CNM Learn (Blackboard)

RT3.  American Association for Women in Community Colleges

RT4. CNM Libraries Services and Resources

RT5. College and Career High School

RT6. CNM Job Connection Services

RT7. Cooperative for Teaching and Learning