Faculty Focus Day 2019

FFD August 29, 2019

Welcome to Faculty Focus Day 2019! 

Faculty Focus Day is an opportunity for CNM faculty and instructional staff to benefit from a wide range of professional development and training opportunities that may not be available during the busy weeks of the term. The day is designed to provide training on topics such as technology, faculty resources, student resources, workplace safety, college initiatives, discipline-specific training, and teaching strategies. Nearly 100 presenters, faculty and staff across CNM, have been working hard to prepare sessions that are practical and relevant to CNM faculty. We look forward to a fantastic day of professional development and hope to see everyone there!


8:00-8:45     Breakfast burritos in Smith Brasher (SB) lobby
8:45-11:30     Morning sessions
11:30-12:45     Lunch in the Smith Brasher lobby, for RSVPs or bring your own
12:45-3:30     Afternoon sessions

Session Locations and Food/Refreshments Areas

Sessions will be held at Main Campus, primarily in Smith Brasher (SB) and Jeanette Stromberg (JS).  There will be two 6-person golf carts available for anyone with a mobility impairment who needs a ride between buildings. If you do not see a golf cart near the entrance to your location, call Security Dispatch at 224-3002.


Breakfast burritos from the Frontier will be available while they last in the Smith Brasher (SB) lobby, beginning at 8:00 a.m. Burrito choices are 1) eggs, hash browns, cheese; 2) eggs, hash browns, green chile, cheese; 3) eggs, hash browns, bacon, green chile, cheese. Coffee and tea will be also be available.


Box lunches will be provided to those who submitted an RSVP by the Aug. 18 deadline.  Lunch will be served in the Smith Brasher Lobby.  There will be plenty of space in the Smith Brasher lobby and outside, if you bring your own lunch and wish to eat with your colleagues.

General Registration for Faculty Focus Day Is NOT Required

No general registration or sign-up for Faculty Focus Day is necessary, and there will be no central check-in area. Simply attend the sessions that interest you throughout the day, or those for which you pre-registered.

New Sign-In Procedure This Year

Bring your CNM ID
As you enter the room for a session, tap your CNM ID on the door card-reader and listen for the “beep.” This will document your presence at the session. 

Why are we adopting an electronic sign-in procedure? 
The sessions you attend are documented on your Talent Management transcript, an ongoing record of your professional development at CNM.

CNM is also required to report faculty development activities for accreditation.  Talent Management (TMS) is the best way to capture data for reporting, and the ID card reader sign-in is the most efficient method for importing data into TMS, eliminating the need to enter manually over 2000 separate entries for 70+ Faculty Focus Day sessions.  Thanks for working with us to adopt this new, streamlined procedure.

Sessions That Recommend Pre-Registration

Most sessions do not require pre-registration, but pre-registration for 6 of the sessions is requested. Please see the session descriptions in this catalog to find out if there is a pre-registration option.

Faculty Focus Day Catalog

Download the Faculty Focus Day 2019 Catalog. Due to its length, 35 pages, and the possibility of last-minute changes and updates, the CTL urges you not to print the document. The electronic PDF contains links to every session from the Table of Contents and the Schedule at a Glance, making the catalog easy to navigate and view on any mobile device. For your convenience, you may download and print this Event Planner to plan your day. 

A limited number of printed catalogs will be available at the CTL Resource Table for viewing the day of the event but will not be distributed, so please plan accordingly by outlining your day in advance or bringing a mobile device to view the catalog online during the day. Additionally, QR Code images that link to the catalog on mobile devices will be posted in various locations across the campus.

Faculty Attendance Expectations 
Faculty Focus Day is contractually required for full-time faculty. Part-time faculty may be compensated, but you must consult with your dean about the possibility of compensation in advance of the event. Related questions should be directed to your dean.