Student Complaints and Appeals

CNM is committed to your success and determined to make sure that you are treated fairly and respectfully.

Complaint Process

If you had a positive experience resolving your issue, send us your compliments.

It is important to us that all student complaints be heard promptly and accorded the full measure of consideration. Compliments are also welcome! 

Before submitting a complaint, try to resolve your issue with the department first.

CNM makes every effort to resolve student complaints in a timely manner. They believe in student success and ensuring that student concerns are resolved. If, after filing a formal complaint using the CNM Student Complaint Form, and you feel your complaint is still unresolved you can file a complaint with the state Higher Education Department and with the college's regional accreditation agency, the Higher Learning Commission.

Read the following list if your needs might be better resolved with a specific department.

Financial Aid

You can submit a Financial Aid Appeal if you believe you experienced extenuating circumstances that contributed to the failure of making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).

Visit the New Mexico Higher Education Department website for the process to submit a complaint about Financial Aid.

Parking Citations

You can submit a Parking Citation Appeal.

Registration and Grades

You have two appeal pathways depending on your situation.

Registration Appeal

You can submit a Registration Based Grade Appeal of a failing grade due to being physically prevented from dropping the course by the appropriate deadline. Examples include medical emergencies, military service, or incarceration. Visit General Appeals to understand the various appeals you can submit.

Grade Appeal

Review the Grade Appeal Policy. It is your responsibility to communicate concerns you may have about any grade in a class with your instructor.

You can formally submit a Grade Appeal for a final grade if you believe there is an inconsistency between what is written in the syllabus and what is practiced, inconsistent classroom practices, a grade miscalculation, or if errors in the final exam would change the final exam grade, which could change the final course grade.

Student Disability Complaints

You can submit a Student Disability Complaint if you feel that you are the victim of discrimination on the basis of disability.

Tuition Refund Appeals

You can submit a Tuition Refund Appeal with the Cashiers Office.