Grant Processes

The grant processes below are intended for CNM faculty, staff, and administrators seeking grant support for their programs or divisions. CNM students can find information on financial assistance grants through Financial Aid & Scholarship Services.

Step 1: Prospect for Funds
Use the Needs Assessment Form to decide whether your project is a good fit for grant funding. Send completed Needs Assessment Forms to to begin the fund-seeking process.

Step 2: Build a Proposal
If a project demonstrates need and is a likely candidate for grant funding, Grant Management will work with you to build proposals for individual funding opportunities. Each application is unique, but most require a project budget

Step 3: Sign-off Process
Any external funding that is not an explicit gift needs to be processed through the Grant Impact Form (GIF) process. This can include formal grants, proposals for support, or contract agreements. Grant Management will work with you to complete and route the GIF for Executive Team approval as part of the proposal-building process.

Step 4: Submission
Once a proposal is complete and approved, Grant Management will submit it to the funder and store the application for reference.

Step 5: Notification, Kick-off, and Post-award Meetings
If your proposal is funded, Grant Management will notify you and schedule a kick-off meeting to connect you with CNM resources to ensure your grant runs smoothly. Regular post-award meetings with Grant Management provide an opportunity to check-in and ask questions.

Step 6: Reporting
Most funders require annual and final reports over the life of a grant. Grant Management will go over these requirements at the kick-off meeting and provide assistance in creating and submitting reports.