What to do after you receive your offer letter

CNM offers a class deferment to prevent students’ classes from dropping for nonpayment during registration periods.

You’ve received your financial aid offer letter – now what?

Because financial aid checks are released after the term begins, CNM offers a class deferment to prevent students’ classes from dropping for nonpayment during registration periods.

  • Please confirm that you have a deferment in place to charge classes and/or books before payment deadlines. Your deferment can be viewed on your online schedule. Also, if you print your class schedule from one of CNM’s registration centers, your financial aid deferment is printed on the lower left-hand portion of the page under the heading “Student Account Memo.”
  • Loan, grant, and scholarship deferments will update the following business day after you have registered. Loan and scholarship deferments require a student to be registered in at least 6 eligible credit hours.
The information above may not apply to alternative teacher licensure (ATL) students. ATL students should review Alternative Teacher Licensure and Financial Aid.

A class deferment is automatic and allows a student to charge educational costs against any financial aid the student is scheduled to receive. On disbursement day students will receive awards that are adjusted to reflect eligible financial aid hours less any charges they’ve accrued such as tuition, fees, as well as books. Learn more information about deferment.

Bookstore Deferment:

CNM also allows you to charge your books at the bookstore if you sign a Deferment Authorization Form. These charges are also subtracted from your actual award. 

More information of Bookstore Deferment  

Any deferment allowing you to charge your costs at CNM is an unofficial offer based on a preliminary estimate of your eligibility.

Students on Financial Aid Warning who anticipate falling into financial aid suspension should make payment arrangements with Cashiers so that their classes are not dropped.

  • If your financial aid is canceled for any reason, or if your financial aid does not cover all your charges, or if the charges are not deducted from your aid, then you are responsible for paying in full any charges owed CNM or CNM Bookstore.
  • If your balance is not paid before the end of the term, a hold may be placed on your registration and academic records, and your account may be turned over for collection.