ES - Registration, Clerical - REG1801-011

Job number:


Post Date:

July 16, 2014

Location Code:



(505) 224-4000 x51309

Campus & Building:

Main Campus


Daphne Cox

Work Hours:

10 to 20 hours a week

Hire Date:

Upon HR approval

For basic information about job duties, read the Student Employment Job Descriptions. You are responsible for reading and understanding the job description prior to applying.


Student Name:


Student Phone No.:






Have you, the student, been convicted of a felony? (Student initial) ____ Yes ____ No

How to apply

  • Potential student employees must have a student employee award on their current FAFSA.
    • Do you have student employment?
      • Review award for aid year in myCNM.
    • Apply for the SE award if you do not (Login to myCNM, go to financial aid tab, award section, award for aid year, select year, accept award offer, student employment request form.)
  • Print award letter for the interview process.
  • Complete and print out the CNM Student employment application.
  • Print this Job referral form
  • Contact the supervisor listed on the job referral form and set up an interview.

The interview

  • Bring award letter, job referral form and CNM student employment application.
  • Dress appropriately for a job interview.

If Hired

  • Return completed job referral form to Student Employment in Financial aid office.
    • Hire process takes 30 minutes, please allocate enough time.
  • Student will take hire package to HR for completion of the hire process.
    • Bring two valid forms of ID, such as a state driver’s license and social security card
    • Availability for HR: Monday 1:30-4:30 Tuesday-Friday 8:00-11:30 & 1:30-4:30.


* For Official use only * For Official use only * For Official use only * For Official use only *


  • Signature indicates initiation of hire process.
  • Signature indicates acknowledgement of potential student employee’s felony status.

Print name and Sign name: