Why CNM?

Two years at a community college can help you improve your English language skills and grow accustomed to education and culture in the U.S.

CNM offers associate degrees and certificates in over 100 programs of study from career technical programs to business, information technology, communications or math and science.

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Career Pathways

We offer over 100 educational programs to ensure you acquire the skills you need for success in the workplace. 95% of our graduates have found a job in their chosen career upon graduation.

Money Guy
Costs Are Lower

Tuition at community colleges can be as much as 20 to 80% less than at four-year universities and colleges. This is a tremendous cost savings for the first two years of a bachelor’s degree. CNM tuition and fees are among the most affordable and competitive in the country.

Small Class Size
Classes Are Smaller

Teachers and advisors are able to provide more one-on-one attention to students. Many U.S. and international students say that attending a community college the first two years helped them make a transition into four-year colleges and universities.

Support for Graduation
Supportive Environment

CNM offers comprehensive support services at a one-stop location on all seven campuses. International students are assigned to an academic coach who will advise the student from application though graduation and beyond. Students have access to academic advising, tutoring, disability resources, and visa advisement. 

Transfer Programs

CNM is the highest sender of transfer students to New Mexico Highlands University and the University of New Mexico. When you finish your associate's degree, we'll help you successfully continue on to a bachelors degree and more! Learn more about our transfer programs here: