Employment and Pay Information (Part Time)

Terms and Conditions of Employment and Pay Information for Part Time Faculty

General Provisions

Acknowledgment of part-time faculty class assignments and the following additional terms and conditions constitutes an employment contract between part time faculty and CNM for the prescribed term.

Part time faculty employment is governed by the Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA) The collective bargaining agreement between CNM and the Union can be accessed on line by going to CNM’s home page and clicking on the “Staff and Faculty Resources” link and then clicking on “Collective Bargaining Agreements” found under the heading of “Policies and Procedures.”

The employment relationship between part time faculty and CNM is term to term. Part time faculty assignments are based on operational need, qualifications, demonstrated competency, and availability. Part time faculty assignments do consider the faculty member’s preference. However, there is no guarantee of an assignment(s) or of any particular assignment(s) from one term to the next.  Failure to re-hire or renew a part time faculty member’s contract in a subsequent term(s) does not constitute dismissal (termination), does not require any reason to be provided, and cannot be grieved or challenged.

Class assignments will be null and void if the minimum number of students enrolled in order for the course(s) to make, is not met.

This contract is subject to the provisions of the Employee Handbook, as revised at any time. To the extent not specifically contrary to the provisions herein, the Employee Handbook is incorporated into this contract. To the extent any provision in this contract is specifically contrary to the provision of the collective bargaining agreement, the CNM Part Time Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement will govern.

Pay & Benefits

Beginning with the Fall Semester 2013, part time faculty who teach full term assignments will receive pay during the first pay period after the course begins. In addition, beginning with Summer Semester 2013, part time faculty pay will not be extended through the breaks except under the following two conditions:

  1. Personal Request: Instructors who prefer to manage their income from CNM by receiving pay through the breaks may request to continue having their earnings spread throughout the year. However, the request must be formalized.  An instructor may formally request pay to be extended by completing and submitting an Authorization to Extend Pay Over Breaks Form to the Payroll Office. 
  2.  An instructor receiving health benefits will automatically have their pay extended so that deductions for premiums will continue in order to ensure that insurance coverage remains intact. If an instructor who previously received benefits drops below eligibility, pay will not be extended for that semester, unless a new request is made to extend pay over the breaks.

Pay for short-term courses will be divided by the number of pay checks within the start and end date of the course part-of-term.

If a part time faculty member is required to attend either a once- per- term full departmental meeting or an orientation, they shall be paid $27.00 per hour, for a maximum of two hours per term for those meetings. With the approval of the Dean, part time faculty members may be paid a maximum of four additional hours a term for additional instructional related work that does not include classroom time, but may include convocation.

Other required or optional departmental activities are part of the regular workload. Instructors will receive the rate of pay per each course taught and will perform required duties on campus as determined by their Dean. This shall include all meetings, preparations, and other professional duties as determined by their Dean, other than the once- per- term department meetings or orientations previously mentioned.

Leave benefits are not available for part time instructors who are otherwise employed at CNM in a full time capacity. When a part time faculty member is absent from a scheduled class assignment and leave has not been approved, pay will be docked for each hour missed at the same hourly rate at which the instructor is paid.

Pay Calculations

Course pay is based on the workload for any given course.

The workload column is listed on the Faculty Load and Compensation Acknowledgement screen in MyCNM.

The definition of workload is weekly contact hours plus office hours times the number of weeks for the course.

The part-time course compensation is calculated on the workload times the appropriate hourly rate.

Please disregard the contact and credit hour figures listed on the Faculty Load and Compensation Acknowledgement screen in MyCNM when evaluating pay. The contact and credit hour columns do not contain the numbers used in the workload formula. Rather, they are used by other entities at the College when processing data related to functions other than pay.

Notice to Retirees Who Have Part Time Teaching Assignments

According to Educational Retirement Board (ERB) regulations, employees who have accepted ERA retirement may work for an ERB-covered employer after retirement without qualifying or applying for the Return to Work Program, but earnings are limited. The regulation provision that allows this is called the "Greater of 0.25 FTE or $15,000 RTW Exception." Under this Exception, an employee may earn, on an annual basis, the greater of $15,000 or an amount equal to 25% of the salary for the full-time equivalency (FTE) of the job the employee is doing without affecting retirement benefits. The salary for the Greater of 0.25 FTE or $15,000 RTW Exception is calculated on a fiscal year basis; defined as July 1 through June 30. Employees who exceed these thresholds during the fiscal year forfeit their retirement status and lose their retirement benefits.  Therefore, retirees who return to work under this provision are responsible for tracking their earnings to ensure they do not exceed the threshold.

Acknowledgement Statement

Part time faculty Acknowledging Course Assignments indicates that you understand and accept the terms and conditions contained herein and that your assignments and the assignment data are accurate. To avoid any errors regarding your pay or assignment(s), please respond with your acknowledgement within one week.