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The Employee Training Department at Central New Mexico Community College supports CNM’s Strategic Direction by orienting, training and developing employees. Increasing the knowledge, skills, and essential competencies of employees, fosters employee advancement, organizational efficiency, productivity and demonstrated excellence. Our goal is to fulfill client and stakeholder expectations while maintaining cost-effectiveness and consistency with established practices and procedures. 

Cornerstone (CNM Talent Management)

CNM is also committed to ensuring that all employees complete mandatory training in accordance with the requirements of their position, demonstrating ethical employment practice.

Mandatory training is defined as training that is deemed essential for the safe and efficient functioning of the organization and the safety, well being, and effectiveness of individual members of faculty and staff. 

CNM Talent Management Pie: Performance Management, Recruiting, Employee Learning, and Onboarding.


CNM Employee Learning Hub

The Hub is your centralized source for formal, informal, self-directed training,
learning, and development information for CNM employees.

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For more information regarding Technical Training, please visit our website on SharePoint.

For more information regarding professional development and training opportunities for CNM Faculty, please visit our Cooperative for Teaching & Learning (CTL) website.