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Personnel Forms

For further assistance, please contact a Human Resources Representative by phone at (505) 224-4600 or visit HR located in the portable building ST-10 on Main campus (between SRC and KC).



Onboarding/New Employee Orientation (NEO)

Performance Management

Additional Resources



2015-2016 Benefits Program Guide

Acknowledgment of Receipt of Alternative Retirement Plan (ARP)

Certification of Health Care Provider for FMLA - Employee

Certification of Health Care Provider for FMLA - Family Member

Evidence of Insurability Form (Proof of Good Health)

Flexible Spending Allowable Expenses Booklet

Flexible Spending Debit Card Application

Flexible Spending Debit Card FAQs

Flexible Spending Dependent Care/Child Care Reimbursement Request

Flexible Spending Enrollment Form

Flexible Spending Health Care Reimbursement Form

Flexible Spending Online Account Access Instruction Guide

Flexible Spending Online Features Guide

Long Term Disability Claim Packet

NMPSIA Affidavit for Domestic Partnership

NMPSIA Enrollment Application (Benefits Enrollment)

NMPSIA Employee Change Card (Benefits Change/Cancellation)

NMPSIA Retiree Life Insurance Application

NMPSIA Schedule A Beneficiary Assignment for Life Insurance

NMPSIA Termination Affidavit for Domestic Partnership

Professional Development Tuition Reimbursement Approval Application Form

Retirement Beneficiary Designation Form

Retirement Resources Guide

Retiree Health Care Summary Guide Booklet

Retiree Health Care Enrollment Packet

Retirement Application Checklist - (ERB) Educational Retirement Board Plan

Retirement (ERB) Educational Retirement Board Plan Application Form 

Retirement Application Checklist - (ARP) Alternative Retirement Plan

Retirement (ARP) Alternative Plan Application Form 

Tuition & Fee Waiver for Employee/Dependents

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CNMJobs Posting Process Checklist

CNMJobs Screening and Hiring Process Checklist

CNMJobs Managing Attachments Reference Sheet

CNMJobs Writing Screening Questions Reference Sheet

Criminal Conviction Certification Form (CCCF)

Position Management Form   

Reference Check Form

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Onboarding/New Employee Orientation (NEO)

2015-16 HR and Payroll Calendar

Authorization Agreement for Automated Accounts Payable Payments for Employees

Authorization Agreement For Automated Payroll Deposits

Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate W-4

Pre-Tax Premium Plan 2016

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Performance Management

Employee Performance Evaluation

Exempt - 28 Month Trial Period Completion Form

Exit Interview Form

FT Faculty - Seven Term Trial Period Completion Form

Non-Exempt Hourly Trial Period Completion Form - 6 month

Non-Exempt Instructional Support Trial Period Completion Form - 12 month


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Additional Resources

1095 Tax Form FAQs

ACA Requirements for PT Faculty

Address/Phone Number Change Form

Email Human Resources 

Employee Intake Form

Name Change Form

Notice of Accident Form (English and Spanish) 

W-2 and 1095 Electronic Consent


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