Article 11: Holidays

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Maintenance and Operations


Paid holidays for regular full-time bargaining unit employees, will be determined by the College and designated as part of CNM’s academic calendar. Regular full-time bargaining unit employees shall be granted the eleven (11) paid holidays below and the remaining holidays shall be designated by the College and approved by the Governing Board as part of the winter break. The following holidays, plus the winter break established by the College, shall be observed:

11.1.1 Martin Luther King Day

11.1.2 Memorial Day

11.1.3 Juneteenth

11.1.4 Independence Day

11.1.5 Labor Day

11.1.6 Thanksgiving Day

11.1.7 The Day after Thanksgiving Day

11.1.8 The Day preceding Christmas Day

11.1.9 Christmas Day

11.1.10 The Day preceding New Year's Day

11.1.11 New Year's Day


In order to receive pay for an observed holiday, an employee must either be at work, or on an approved absence with pay, both the work day before and the work day after the observed holiday.


Employees required to work on their observed holiday shall receive two and one half (2 ) times their regular rate of pay for all hours worked on the holiday.


A holiday which falls within an employee's approved annual leave (vacation) or approved sick leave shall not be deducted from the employee's annual or sick leave accrual.


When a holiday falls on an employee's regular day off, the employee will be given an alternative day off to be scheduled at the mutual agreement of the employee and their supervisor in accordance with CNM policy and procedure.


Holidays shall be considered time worked for the purpose of computing overtime.