Article 16: Work Schedules

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Maintenance and Operations

Maintenance and Operations CBA

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Article 15: Absence Without Leave

Article 17: Overtime


The normal work week shall begin on Saturday at 12:01 a.m. and ends on Friday at midnight within which full‑time employees shall normally be assigned five (5) consecutive work days of eight (8) hours each. Variations from this practice may occur so long as it does not result in a regular work day exceeding ten (10) hours. This provision shall in no way be construed as a guarantee by the College of any amount of work in any period or as a limitation on hours of work in any period.


During the work day, employees will be provided with an unpaid lunch period of either thirty (30) or sixty (60) minutes. Lunch periods are subject to interruption and rescheduling by management.


Each work day shall include one fifteen (15) minute paid rest period for each four (4) hour work period in a work day. Such rest period shall normally be scheduled by management in the middle of the working periods but may be modified based upon the needs of the College. Such rest periods cannot be accumulated and cannot be used in conjunction with the lunch period of other time off the job. Breaks are subject to interruption and rescheduling by management.


The College reserves the right to introduce other work schedules. Changes in work schedules shall require reasonable advance notice to the employees affected. This notification does not apply to emergencies or overtime assignments. If the change in work schedules is for a duration of greater than one (1) week and involves a group of employees, they shall receive five (5) work days advance notice.


Bargaining unit employees will be permitted to make recommendations regarding alternative work/shift schedules. Such recommendations will indicate a complete work/ shift schedule and will be given serious consideration. When considering such recommendations on alternative work/shift schedules, all employees in the impacted work group will be given the opportunity to provide their input on recommended changes.


Call back. Whenever an employee who has completed their normal workday and has left the College is called back to work from home, he/she will receive a minimum of three (3) hours work. This shall include reasonable travel time from their residence. This provision shall not apply when overtime hours worked are an extension of the normal workday. Such time shall not be pyramided for premium compensation purposes.


Reporting time. Whenever an employee reports to work and is notified that their regularly assigned duties cannot be performed because of inclement weather or other situations, such reporting employees will be assigned other duties or permitted to return home. The employee will receive a minimum of two (2) hours pay. The balance of the unpaid time may be charged to vacation, or leave without pay. The employee will be required to be available to report to work later if needed.


Personnel involved in essential services as designated by the respective Vice President will report to work at the regularly scheduled time or other time as directed by the College. If an employee's position involves essential services as designated by the Department Director, and the College is closed for emergency or some other reason like inclement weather, employees required to work in such circumstances will receive time-and-a-half pay in accordance with the Employee Handbook. If the College closes and the employee is not required to report to work or is sent home early he/she shall be paid for all hours the employee would have regularly worked. Hours worked by essential employees and the time the College is closed will count as hours worked for the purposes of overtime.


Employees who are delayed due to inclement weather may be allowed to utilize annual leave for such periods.