Article 19: Education and Training

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Maintenance and Operations


The parties recognize that there are certain licenses and/or certifications required to perform the duties of some classifications in the bargaining unit. Such licenses and certifications will be clearly and specifically identified in the respective job posting, and job classification.


Employees who are required by the College to be certified or licensed in order to maintain their current job will be permitted to take, during work hours, recertification examinations during the term of this Agreement. Employees who do not pass the recertification examinations will be required to take subsequent examinations in the same concentration on their own time.


In the event the College requires existing employees to obtain certification or licenses beyond those identified in the employee's job classification, such employee will be permitted a reasonable time as determined by management, commensurate with the licensure or certification to obtain such certification or licensure.


These provisions shall not apply to a driver's license.


If the College requires employees to participate in training during normal work hours, the employees will receive their regular rate of pay. The parties agree that this provision applies to an employee improving language and communication skills.


Employees are encouraged to participate in education and training that will enhance their job skills and qualify them for advancement in the College. Employees may apply for educational benefits in accordance with established College policies. An employee with an ongoing disciplinary action may be denied educational benefits.


Employees who fail to maintain the required licenses and/or certifications for their position may be removed from their position at the discretion of management. Employees removed from their position under these circumstances may be terminated or placed in another position at the discretion of management. Such termination or placement cannot be the subject of a grievance.