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Recent Policy and Procedure Changes

CNM Policies and Procedures Office is conducting an ongoing review of the Central New Mexico Community Colleges Policies and Procedures and will continue to do so.

If you would like more information or details about these revised policies, contact Human Resources.

Updates to Employee Handbook

On July 12, 2016 Resolution 2016-55 was approved by the Governing Board, enacting the following revisions to CNM’s Employee Handbook:

  • Section 12.15 now includes a section on sponsorships. Accordingly, the word “sponsorships” has also been added to the title of the policy. The revised policy provides also provides some general guidelines for determining whether an agreement should be categorized as advertising or sponsorship.
  • Section 12.22 Space Heaters and Personal Appliances is added to the Employee Handbook. This policy prohibits the use of space heaters and personal appliances in individual workspaces. Space heaters present a fire hazard and the use of personal appliances such as refrigerators and coffee pots needs should be restricted to break areas in accordance with CNM’s Environmental Sustainability and Climate Neutrality Plan.

This information is provided as a summary only. Please refer to the Employee Handbook for details.