IN-3001 Research Projects (Policy)

Instructional Support

Release Date: 10/17/97


Administrative Directive


Research projects may be conducted at Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) under certain restrictions and guidelines with permission from appropriate authorities. Students and staff may be requested to participate, if the study is prepared by or for the College for its official use. If the study is mandated by law, students and staff may be required to participate, but are protected by guaranteed confidentiality.

1. Types of Research Projects

1.1 Research projects may include: observations, interviews or use of instruments (surveys, questionnaires, or tests).

1.2 Research studies can be conducted by internal or external personnel after completing the appropriate review process and receiving approval for the research project.

2. Approval Process

2.1 Internal research projects conducted as part of a CNM class must be approved by the dean of the department. If a research project is administered across departments, it must be submitted to the Vice President for Instruction or designee for an approval recommendation.

2.2 Research proposed by individuals external to the College, must be submitted to the Vice President for Instruction or designee.

2.3 The review packages must be submitted a minimum of six weeks prior to the start of the project and must include the following information:

(1) An abstract of the proposed study

(2) A statement of purpose and uses of the study including hypotheses or questions, data to be gathered, and relevance to the College and participants

(3) Details of procedures including assurances of compliance with legal requirements, specific methods being used with the subjects, frequency and beginning and ending dates of the study, location of the study and the research design

(4) A statement detailing subject involvement, the numbers needed, criteria for inclusion and rationale for inclusion of special groups

(5) A copy of the Human Subjects form which provides information concerning the purpose, procedures, time involved, statements of risks or benefits, voluntary participation, and the name of the contact and a telephone number must be included.

3. Review Process

3.1 The reviewer of the proposal evaluates the proposal and presents it to the Dean's Council for approval at the next regularly scheduled meeting. Based upon the outcome of that meeting, the reviewer writes a recommendation approving or rejecting the proposal.

3.2 The recommendation is sent to the requester. The proposal package is kept on file in the office of the Vice President for Instruction.

4. Research Process

4.1 The researcher is responsible for complying with all provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.

4.2 All arrangements for the research project are the responsibility of the researcher.

4.3 Researchers are responsible for terminating a study if requested by the Dean, Vice President or designee.

4.4 Class time may not be used other than for official CNM research projects.

4.5 Researchers must guarantee anonymity of the College and participants, whenever indicated on a Human Subjects form. Participant identification may be required only if it is essential to the results.

4.6 Researchers are responsible for all the expenses involved in the research project.

4.7 Researchers are entrusted to ensure the technical accuracy of the research.

4.8 Researchers must provide one copy of research project findings to the Dean, Vice President for Instruction or designee.


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