IS-1402 Assistance from Security (Procedure)


Release Date:  10/17/97 


1. Notifying Security

1.1 Notify Security by dialing "911" from any CNM campus phone, or 224-3001 from a pay or cell phone.  For non-emergency response, dial 224-3002 from any phone. 

1.2 Identify the type of problem so that the operator can prioritize the dispatches.

1.3 Provide the operator with the following information:

  • Name, telephone number, and location of caller
  • Nature of the situation being reported
  • Location where situation exits
  • Information which permits Security to identify and/or Contact the victim and/or the offender

Make it clear immediately if an offense is in progress, or there is imminent danger, so help can be sent quickly. The caller should stay on the line until the operator ends the call or Security arrives at the scene.


Not Applicable

Support Materials:

IS-1404, Bomb Threat Emergencies
IS-2018, Anti-Violence in the Workplace

Reference Materials:

Employee Handbook 12.0, Other College Policies