Material Safety Data Sheet Checklist

The key elements that should be included on the MSDS are listed below as well as accessibility and update criteria. Each department shall designate a person to maintain the chemical lists MSDS storage for their department. Each MSDS shall be checked when it is received in the department. The list of chemicals and MSDS file shall be checked at a designated time.

______ 1. MSDS is in English.

______ 2. The MSDS contains the common name of all components which have been 
determined to be a health hazard.

______ 3. The MSDS contains the physical and chemical characteristics of the chemical.

______ 4. The MSDS contains information on the health hazard of the chemical including
signs and symptoms of exposure.

______ 5. The MSDS contains information about any physical condition that can be aggravated
by exposure to the chemical.

______ 6. The MSDS contains information about primary routes of entry of the chemical.

______ 7. The MSDS contains exposure limits, if known.

______ 8. The MSDS states if the chemical is listed in the NTP or is a known or suspected

______ 9. The MSDS states applicable precautions for handling, including required PPE.

______ 10. The MSDS contains the procedure for clean-up of spills.

______ 11. The MSDS contains emergency and first aid procedures for exposure to the chemical.

______ 12. Name, address and telephone number of the manufacturer or importer.

______ 13. The date of preparation of the MSDS. If it is more than five (5) years old, the 
manufacturer or importer should be contacted to insure the currency of the 
information on the MSDS.

______ 14. The MSDS shall contain all other significant health facts known by the manufacturer.

______ 15. At least yearly, the list of chemicals shall be checked for accuracy. Any chemicals no
longer present in the department shall be removed from the list.