IS-1812 Mail Services (Procedure)

Financial Administration

Release Date: 10/17/97
Revision 2: 7/24/01
Revision 3: 6/17/02
Revision 4: 8/6/04



The Duplicating and Postal Center manages and processes all items and services involving the U. S. Postal Service and inter-office mail for the entire College. DPC endeavors to ensure cost-effective, efficient, timely mailing that meets U.S. Postal Service requirements.

1. U.S. Mail

The U.S. Postal Service requires all mail processed through its facilities to have a delivery and return address.  Therefore, DPC requires that all outgoing mail be addressed accordingly.  The only exception for unaddressed mail is when departments/organizations have DPC address, fold, insert and mail material directly for them (See 1.8 below).

Addressed Mail

Each department at CNM designates one location that is within departmental employees view (for security purposes) for pick-up and delivery of inter-office/campus and USPS mail. It is the departments responsibility to inform their personnel of this location and to notify DPC management, via e-mail, of any changes in location or personnel.

DPC is not responsible for delays or failures in delivery due to improperly addressed mail.  It is the recipients responsibility to provide the correct mailing address to the sender.

Refer to the DPC website for the pick-up and delivery schedule.

CNM Staff and Instructors

1.1 Write or type the sending departments name in the upper left corner of the envelope.

1.2 Place addressed, unstamped, and unsealed envelopes for first-class deliveries in the departments designated mail area.

Department Mail Personnel

1.3 Arrange the first-class unsealed envelopes so that the flaps overlap.  Put rubber bands around batches of similarly-sized envelopes.

1.4 Seal envelopes that are larger than letter size.

1.5 Inform DPCs management staff in advance of large mailings and/or parcels to be mailed.  Failure to give advance notice to DPC may delay the mailing of such material by one full day. Contact DPC at 224-4554 or through the DPC website.

DPC Staff Person

1.6 Pick up U.S. mail according to the schedule.

1.7 Bring all mail to DPC, where it can be processed and delivered to the U.S. Post Office.

Unaddressed Mail

CNM Staff and Instructors

1.8 Submit address information, via e-mail, zip disk, or CD in the following Excel format to have DPC address, fold, insert and mail material directly from their facilities.







First Name

Last Name

Organization Name




Zip Code

2.  Campus (Inter-Office) Mail

CNM Staff and Instructors

2.1       Place contents in an inter-office envelope.  Type or print legibly and fill in all sender and recipient information (i.e., first and last name of recipient and sender, department, and campus). Make sure all previous markings are crossed out.

Due to multiple campus locations and department name similarities, it is critical to fill out sender and recipient information completely and correctly to ensure timely delivery of mail. DPC is not responsible for delays or failures in delivery due to improperly addressed mail.

2.1.1  The use of white envelopes is discouraged since they may be accidentally mistaken for U.S. Mail and deposited at the U.S. Post Office.

2.1.2  Sending confidential material through inter-office mail is discouraged due to lack of security.

2.2 Place inter-office mail in the departments designated mail area.

DPC Staff Person

2.2 Pick up inter-office mail according to the schedule, and bring it to DPC, where it can be routed to the correct CNM location.

3.  Bulk Mail

CNM Staff and Instructors

3.1 Consult with the manager of DPC, who helps determine bulk mailing project parameters and costs.

3.2 Complete a Duplicating Request form, and a Department Purchase Order if necessary.

DPC Staff

3.3 Process the bulk mail job as specified on the Duplicating Request form.



Support Materials:

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