IS-2060 Work Schedules (Policy)

Human Resources

Release Date: 4/02/01


CNM Board Policy

Employee Handbook Section 7.01, Work Rules

Administrative Directive


The purpose of this policy is to define the standard work week and work schedules for non-instructional employees.  The operational needs of some departments may require variations to these hours.  See Overtime and Other Paid Time and Employee Categories for related information.  Employees covered by Collective Bargaining Agreements should refer to the appropriate articles in their contracts.

1. Work Week

1.1 For the purpose of pay computation, attendance, and benefits accrual, the College's work week begins at 12:01 a.m. Saturday and ends at 12:00 midnight Friday.

1.2 Normal business hours of the College are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

1.3 Department hours may vary between departments to accommodate operational needs and customer service.  Employees are expected to observe the hours set within their departments.

2. Full-time Work Schedules

2.1 The normal weekly work schedule for non-instructional employees is 40 hours per week made up of five 8-hour work days, each including one unpaid hour for lunch.

2.2 It is the responsibility of the supervisor to establish work schedules to meet the operating needs of the department, advise employees of the daily and weekly work schedules of their positions when hired, and advise employees of changes in working hours as far in advance as possible.

2.3 It is recognized that circumstances may arise in which an employee is required to work overtime with little or no advance notice.

2.3.1 CNM adheres to the Fair Labor Standards Act which requires that non-exempt hourly employees receive time and a half pay for all hours worked over 40 within one work week.

3. Part-time Work Schedules

Regular part-time positions require non-instructional employees to work less than a 40-hour week.

4. Shift Work

Some positions require employees to work a schedule other than the traditional work schedule.  The starting times, meal breaks, and stopping times are adjusted to meet operational needs.  (Click here for information on Shift Differential.)

5. Meal Breaks and Work Breaks

5.1 Each workday of eight or more hours should include a one-hour unpaid meal break, with supervisors determining the scheduling of meal breaks to meet operational needs.

5.1.1 Meal breaks will be paid time when a supervisor requires a non-exempt employee to be on duty during the meal break.

5.2 Work breaks are considered time worked and are provided by CNM to the employee.  Work breaks should be taken approximately in the middle of each four-hour period and will not exceed fifteen minutes. Work breaks may only be taken in accordance with the procedures of the employee's division.

6. Flex Time

Flex time for making up missed work time must be arranged in advance with the supervisors approval and must be taken within the same work week.  Flex time for the purpose of adjusting an employee's work schedule on a consistent basis must be arranged in advance with the supervisor's approval.

7. Definitions

Flex Time

The early starting time or late stopping time of an individuals work day, maintained on a consistent basis; or, equal time off for time worked within the same work week, at the supervisors discretion.

Work Week

The Colleges work week begins at 12:01 a.m. Saturday and ends at 12:00 midnight Friday.




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