IS-2502 Publications (Policy)


Release Date: 12/19/97 Revision 2
Revision 3: 1/5/05
Revision 4: 8/3/06


CNM Board Policy

Employee Handbook 11.01, College Publications

Administrative Directive


All Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) publications and promotional materials including, but not limited to, brochures, flyers, posters, newsletters, letterhead, advertisements, certificates, business cards, audiovisual materials, and Internet information, which are distributed to the College's various publics, must be approved by the Marketing & Communications Office (MCO).

1. Publication Requirements

1.1 Published materials must conform to the College's Guides and Standards, which addresses issues related to use of name, logos and other identifiers, colors and fonts, and webpages.

1.2 Requests to MCO should include such details as the reason the item is needed, target audience, plans for distribution, information to be included, number needed and the source of funding.

1.3 It is important to allow adequate lead time for all publication requests. While lead time varies with different projects, several weeks is generally considered minimum.

1.4 Approval should be obtained from MCO for all published materials and the preparation process involved in presentations.



Not Applicable

Support Materials

Not Applicable

Reference Materials